Bulu Box Review + Half Off Coupon – March 2015

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Fitness boxes target different kinds of subscribers, from the “consult with your sport’s governing authority before taking this supplement” crowd, to the casual fit lifestyle set.  Bulu Box falls somewhere in the middle.  Bulu Box is a health and fitness subscription box. Get a monthly box  – either the classic version or the weight loss version – for $10 a month. Save HALF on any subscription (the whole thing!) with code BULUGAN792.When you get your box, try your samples, and review them for points, just like Birchbox.


Bulu Box has an informative little card that really packs everything in.  I like that it includes the full-size pricing information as well as descriptions of the items.


I got six products and I can review my box for $5 back in points (for some reason I can’t review the Beanitos).  The balance of the box is nice — it is not all nitro weightlifting energy powder (although half the items contain proprietary “energy blends”), and it has snacks other than protein supplements.


Beanfield’s Bean & Rice Chips:  These are non-GMO, vegan, gluten free — heck, they are even Kosher!  They added enough rice to the beans that they pass as a chip, not a health-food item.  The ranch flavor is very good, and these are a great alternative to that bag of Doritos.   And no, they make you no more gassy than usual.

Rawxies:  These gluten-free cookies have the trademark “raw food” taste, which isn’t a bad thing.  The lemon poppyseed variety is oat flour, date, coconut and almond based.  Many ingredients are organic.  Not protein-packed, but a good snack.


E-Hydrate:  This sports drink mix has caffeine and B vitamins — but not a truckload of either — just a cup of coffee worth of caffeine and a daily recommendation of B vitamins.  It is sweetened with sugar and stevia, and is very low cal.

Unbeatable Greens:  This veggie powder supplement contains the usual suspects — spirulina, spinach, kale, several super fruits, green tea, ginger, etc.  Many of the premium protein drinks incorporate this kind of veggie and super fruit blend, so this stuff may be a way to upgrade your off-the-shelf protein to a true performance drink.


Procera XTF:  As you’d expect this contains caffeine from green coffee, green tea, and guarana, as well as B vitamins and a proprietary blend.


Vivioptal:  This German formula goes heavier on B vitamins and light on your typical multi-vitamin components.

Salted:  The box also comes with 3 free months subscription to Salted, an online cooking education service offering high def classes taught by top chefs.

Visit Bulu Box to find out more or to subscribe. Use promo code BULUGAN792 to save 50% off any subscription or use the coupon THREEFORONE to get 3 months for $10. See all our Bulu Box Reviews or check out more health & fitness subscription boxes in the directory.

The Subscription: Bulu Box
The Description: Choose the health, nutrition, and supplement discovery box or the weight-loss focused subscription box and get 4-6 samples of interesting and unique health-oriented product
The Price: $10/month
The Coupon: Use promo code BULUGAN792 to save 50% off any subscription!


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