Julep Heartleigh Polish Giveaway – 4 Winners!

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julep-heartleigh-bonusEnter below to win a Julep Heartleigh Polish! I’ve already gifted one of the 5 polishes shown above, so I have 4 to give away to my friends (that’s you!). This polish isn’t currently for sale at Julep, so you’ll need to purchase the February Glossybox  (which includes it) if you really must-have! Use coupon code AIMODSTER15 to get a free blue and black Ardency Inn Modster eyeliner in your February box!

Hooray, Heartleigh is in stock (for now!).

Get a free Sparkly Clutch and Oscar (It Girl) Polish with orders of $25 or more at Julep.com – use promo code REDCARPET at checkout.

Use code TAKE10 to take $10 off a $20 order, TAKE30 to save 30%, and GETCOLOR to grab a free polish with a $15 order. You may use these codes twice and they expire 3/31!

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  • Dorothy Hubbard

    My favorite polish is clear or neutral colors.

  • Stephanie Harper

    Honestly I LOVE pretty much all polishes! lol But my favs I’d have to say are Sally Hansens, Milani, Revlon and Gel polishes of coarse =) <3

  • kathy pease

    I like sally hansen polishes

  • Rosanne

    I like the OPI brand the most.


    I really don’t have a favorite nail polish I’m more on the color

  • laura588

    I like my OPI nail polishes, especially the deep reds and pinks.
    Laurie Emerson

  • Lisa

    I like this gold one I have from Revlon

  • Suzanne King

    My favorite nail polish is Julep

  • Mollie Mills

    Gorgeous Color would so love to try them!

  • Rachel Beltz

    I don’t have a favorite yet!! I’m dying to try a holographic or thermal polish though!

    • Brandy

      you NEED sparkling garbage!! an all-time fave, it’s a great holo.

      • Rachel Beltz

        Oh my gosh… I just did a quick google search and I’m in love!! Thank you so much!! If I find a few extra bucks I know where they’re going!!!

  • alona y

    I really love all kinds of nail polish, but I’m always drawn to glitters!

  • bonnymcdevitt

    As long as it has red in it or is red I am happy!

  • Ashley

    So hard to pick a favorite. But at the moment I am really loving: I Gleam in Pink by Serum No. 5. It is a bright pink and glows in the dark.

  • DailyWoman (Lacey)

    I love any purple or glitter polish.

  • S M

    My favorite tends to change, depending on the season/my mood/etc., but I’m loving microglitters and jellies right now.

  • Elle P.

    I don’t have a true favorite but I love deep purples.

  • Elizabeth I

    My favorite nail polish, Pirouette My Whistle – Opi, Come to Bed Red – Butter London,

  • Paula Headley Hawn

    I love all polish. I am just learning about Indies and juleps. Can’t wait to try them!

    • ashley olsen

      I am just learning about polish I really like OPI Clear nail polish or julep purple color that i borrowed from my sister.

  • becky

    we love any and all nail polishes.. 🙂

  • Natalie Brown

    I’m sort of a nail polish collector (hoarder) so this question is tough. One of my top favorites is a lovely lavender that was in last Spring’s Essie collection. Thank-you for this super fun chance. 🙂

  • slehan

    subscribe email: slehan at myway dot com

  • slehan

    I don’t have a favorite because I don’t wear nail polish. This would be for my sister and I don’t know her favorite polish.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  • laurajacobson

    Oh I dont have a favorite…I have never tried the Juleps, but have heard so much about them! I would love to try them! I have a feeling they would be my favorite!

  • Alejandra Corbella

    I love all types of colors but one of my favorites is peach or mexican pink

  • Breanna Danielle Pollard

    My Favorite? I love them all!!

  • Jenni Schaub

    I love Butter Cottonbuds, but i’ve heard great things about Julep!

  • Linda S

    my all time favorite is essie cocktail bling!

  • Angela P.

    Julep is my favorite because they don’t have all of that chemical garbage in them.

  • Wendi S

    I love all nail polish but I have more Revlon than any other polish.

  • Amber

    My favorite polish is Essie’s Resort Fling

    • emandsnick

      currently I am totally in love with Julep Casino Red Creme

  • Vil

    I would love to receive free samples!!

  • Melissa S

    I have a couple of Julep polishes that I really like because they seem to like.

  • Laura Basler

    I have heard nothing but great things about julep nail polishes but I have never tried them!

  • heather

    anything that glitters!

  • Desiree Dunbar

    I love shades of purple no particular brand.

  • calimarie

    Currently loving Julep’s Love! thanks for the giveaway!

  • Lisa

    I really love pastel colored nail polish.

  • Terri (@Gathering_Roses)

    Starry Night by SC is my current favourite polish!

  • Lauren Woodside

    OPI topcoat, I just love a good shine!

  • Leny Del Gallego Martinez

    i only use a colorless nail polish..but i want to try this kind of nail polish..

  • Judy

    Julep’s coco! I may actually finish a bottle of polish for the first time in my life! Lol

  • Tearsa D Keith

    OPI colors!

  • Rebecca

    I am rather fond of Julep’s January. I can’t tell you how many people ask me if it is a gel manicure when I wear it! I am sooooo hoping that I win one of these. Julep lost my box this month, so I did not get Heartleigh. They were super nice and refunded my money, but they were out of the polishes I had ordered and it seemed like any other choices would just end up feeling like second best.

    • Brandy

      they’re in stock! http://bit.ly/1LiDLMw i was just writing up glossy and noticed! i remembered you’d said they were sold out.

  • Rachel Schultz

    Julep, OPI, or Essie are all at the top of my list

    • anna romaniv

      I love new York minute

  • trrsmile

    I love OPI bold colors

  • Katie

    I love Essie’s Bikini So Teeny! It is such a pretty periwinkle blue…I get compliments every time I wear it! And it looks great with any skin tone!

  • Jenny

    I love Julep polishes and pretty much any with glitter. I’m a glitter whore. LOL

  • Rebecca

    So hard to pick just one favorite! I really like Julep’s Greta lately though.

  • kelly s.

    Deborah Lippmans Glitter polishes!

    • Brandy

      oh dangit don’t make me go shopping today! they are my favorite too, just $$$$$

      • Emily

        I really like Julep Maven Creme Red and Yuki together

  • Allison lesley

    I love the OPI polishes. Especially glittery ones lol

  • Sneaky Burrito

    That is a tough question. I have so many polishes. I like a lot of deep red shimmers and purple glitters. So maybe Zoya Blair or something along those lines?

  • Alisha Reynolds McCoy

    Favorite all time polish color is OPI’s I’m Not Really a Waitress.

  • Texbetty

    I can’t wear finger nail polish because of work so I like to wear cazy bright colors on my toes to make up for it

  • Zaure K.

    I like the texture of the polishes

  • Tabitha

    My fave polish is Julep’s Blakely.

    • Heather

      Me Too! Very pretty!