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I haven’t done a Thursday Thoughts or fun photo post for a while, looks like today is the day! Can we talk about our New Year’s Resolutions? Are you still going on them? I’ve gotten a pretty rocky start!! I’m eating a lot better but haven’t quite found the time to fit in a lot of exercise. I have also resolved to do my nails more frequently and have totally fallen short!  Oh actually I did paint my nails the other day.  I did install a water filter in my office (I’m back at work full time! Hopefully you don’t notice too much on the blog). Sometimes I remember to use it. Is there anything amazing you’re doing? I want to know!  I am going to have to really commit to using everything that came in my Popsugar + Target box. To celebrate the new year I did add diet delivery subscriptions/programs to my directory.

I am going for my LASIK consult tomorrow. I’m excited about it but I also think that I will look funny without my glasses.

I selfied up Instagram yesterday. Oh and my Wantable review. You can see my crazy dark circles if you look. Any tips?? I usually don’t bother too much on those – they are never going away!

Oh, the thing I’m doing much better on is email management. Better but not perfect.  I get so much email, it’s like I’m drowning!

Box wise things are pretty busy and I’m still trying to get ahead of things rather than behind!I get all sorts of emails that people love seeing photos of my kids, which is so sweet, so here’s some new ones! I love you guys. You are the best part of blogging!


MA. Everything I own is from a box!IMG_8253

This baby. OMG. He’s the happiest. He makes me smile every time I see him. IMG_8093

Always has her nose in a book. Those pants. OMG. I told Jennifer she should get a pair – totally her style!

Speaking of, I’m linking up with Thursday Thoughts with Jennifer!


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  • Jennifer Holzmeyer Louthan

    I’m really hoping to get back into Thursday Thoughts too. I’ve been slacking with the holidays. Haha I love that everything I own is from a box. LOL so cute and so true.

    • Brandy

      #preach!! i may or may not make TT this week, but it looks like I am really getting caught up which is so good, because i was dangerously close to burn out. i took a couple nights off this week and just went with some queued up reviews.

  • disabledmommyof2

    You aren’t alone because I have not did Thursday Thoughts in a while however I’d love to find more link ups. Know of any?

    • Brandy

      not really!! i am just a lamey lameo and can barely get it together to do this one every once in a whle!

  • Alena

    You did not tell me you were going to a Lasik consult tomorrow!! 🙂 Your kids are the most beautiful! xo

  • Sylvia

    If you do decide to go through with Lasik, please share how it goes! I’ve been wanting to do it for ages (I am crazy blind), but I’m terrified of having to sit and watch those lasers boring into my eyes. I’m afraid I’ll try to swat and claw away at the doctor! In other news, your glasses are super cute. And I always look forward to your kids’ cameos in your posts. 🙂

    • Brandy

      i am afraid that i will look terrible without my glasses. i am scheduled for february but i haven’t decided if i want to put it off and get relex smile (next generation lasik). the doctor’s office was supposed to call in an rx for drops on friday and didn’t do it and i’m pissy that they didn’t. of course there is only ONE office that does it here and they fly in a guy from pittsburgh to do it. so blah.

  • Robin

    Good luck on your lasik surgery, and yes when you have glasses for a long time it can take sometime getting use to.