Diet Direct Review: Wonderslim Desserts & Bariwise Bars

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Diet Direct is the home of The WonderSlim Diet Plan and the leading online source for the same medical grade protein diet supplements used by hospitals, physicians and weight loss clinics. They also stock lots of products perfect for bariatric patients and people that have had weight loss surgery.

I don’t follow any of Diet Direct’s specific diet plans but I do rely on pre-packaged protein-rich foods to help manage my blood sugar problem that we would like not to start with a D. Whenever I get a box I’ll post a review of each item in one big review after we have tried everything in the box. FYI, their shipping is very fast.

For this order I bought two bundles (I save the most money by purchasing 2 bundles at a time – there’s an automatic coupon for $45 off when you spend over $299): a Bariwise Protein Bars Bundle and a Wonderslim Desserts Bundle. Some programs (like Medifast) don’t quibble over when you eat what item (eat 5 brownies a day!) and other programs like Wonderslim mix and match their meal replacements in specific ways. Note that if you are considering this program over Medifast, that the Wonderslim products don’t contain all the vitamins – so just take a multi (the Wonderslim diet kit – different from the bundle – do contain vitamins).

When you use this link to sign up with Diet Direct you’ll earn $20 in rewards on your first $75+ order.

Wonderslim Dessert Reviews from Diet Direct


Diet Direct’s Wonderslim Double Chocolate Cake – LOVE these. It tastes like a chocolate diet pancake. Now, let me be clear – diet pancakes don’t taste like regular pancakes – they are very eggy. this is a chocolate version of that, and it’s pretty substantial! It has mini chocolate chips too. FYI this bowl is part of the Core Kitchen Essential Silicone 4pc Round Pinch Bowl Set. You might try looking for other silicone bowls because these work super great.

Wonderslim Creamy Cheesecake – This is actually quite good! It mixes easily and you refrigerate until it’s cold and super thick. It has a decadent mouthfeel. It tastes a little weird if you eat it too early. Let it set in the fridge until it’s cold, then eat. My husband will sometimes split a double chocolate cake over two bowls, let it cool entirely, and then split a cheesecake over the top of them. That’s good. I’ll update with a photo the next time!

Bariwise Protein Bar Reviews

There are a couple different styles of protein bars, and most of the ones below are that traditional old school style that’s a little tangy. I tend to not order those ones twice.Really they are fine, but some of the other bars are better. If you like that style, they are all acceptable – nothing is bad!.

Also, I don’t tend to eat the whole thing at once – that’s why all my bars are cut up. None of the bars I ordered this time are the “meal replacement” honking size bars – Just the Bariwise Bar & Bariwise Crispy Bar.


Bariwise Chocolate Coconut Crispy Bar This has a great scent/flavor of coconut on the first bite, and after that it was a little bland but acceptable.


Bariwise Peanut Butter & Jelly – Unique and tasty! Might order again

Bariwise Chocolate Marshmallow – this is that “traditional” kind of bar I’m talking about. My husband actually likes these because he tends to freeze or nuke (for a few seconds) his protein bars, but I’m a no-fooling kind of gal. So I’ll order what  he requests, otherwise nope!


Rocky Road??

Bariwise Strawberry Cheesecake

These were both in the variety pack.


Bariwise Peanut Butter – this one is GOOD. Buy it!

Bariwise Caramel Brownie  – standard chewy protein bar.


Bariwise Cinnamon Raisin Crispy Bar – I had expected this to be really good (I like the Medifast Oatmeal Raisin Crispy Bar) but it was bland. It was FINE but there are flavors I enjoy more.


Lemon & Double Chocolate – I really like both of these crispy bars. The flavors are natural and not too intense, but good.


Crispy PB&J Bar – I love their peanut butter flavors and this one is great too – lightly peanut flavored crispies and coating, with a thin layer of jam flavored stuff on the top of the bar (under the coating). winner!

 Visit Diet Direct to pick up any of these flavors or find out more about their programs. See all my Diet Direct Reviews! You can also check out my Diet Delivery Programs page.


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