Nina Garcia #NGQ04 Quarterly Subscription Box Review – November 2014 Fall

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Nina Garcia’s Quarterly #NGQ04 arrived at the very tail end of November, well past when a fall box should arrive. I had seen the spoilers, canceled, but my box had already shipped. When I opened it I found that while I enjoyed the box more than what I had expected to, I didn’t think it was worth the $85 I paid for it. I haven’t picked up a single item to use, and that’s a real measure of a box for me. This box just hit all the wrong notes in my book! Look, Nina Garcia is a fashion guru, I get it, but to me, a box curated by a 49 year old classy woman shouldn’t exclusively appeal to 20 year olds. Quarterly boxes are definitely love or hate and perhaps that’s because they are so personal to the curator. I really loved a few items but the ones I disliked really overshadowed the rest. Your opinions may differ and that’s A-OK with me!


The letter.IMG_6625

Fun & fashionable outfits… This went beyond fun.IMG_6626

BALLIN Paris Beanie ($40) It’s an acrylic beanie. And its’ embroidered with Ballin. I more than have a sense of humor but I paid for this, and I am unamused. I shouldn’t have to regift items that have a high retail value because they have ridiculous sayings on it. I expect this box to elevate my look, not degrade it. I do not “ball” so much as to blow money on an acrylic hat embroidered with the word. No, it doesn’t have to do anything with male genitalia, but this is not something I’d wear at home around my children, nor at work in a professional environment.


Pantone Mug ($15.22) I got a pretty color, but I don’t drink coffee, tea, or cocoa. I do love the color, but this mug is bizarrely thin.  However it’s a fun, fashionable inclusion in the box.


Rue Gembon Mette Rose Earrings ($65 – not really) This was pretty much the make or break item in the box, and unfortunately it was the “break” item. I love the rose gold, but the ear jacket just isn’t me. Also this is a variation on the earrings I linked to. It’s probably worth 10-15 less.IMG_6633

NUDE Skincare ProGenius Treatment Oil ($39) Knowing I can try this skincare item out as a Sephora freebie makes sending this box back a lot easier. This is a LOVE item for me and is a great fall item.


RGB Nail Polish in Deep ($18)  LOVE this. I want to use it right now just looking at it again but alas, I’ll be sending this box back.


The Laundress Sweater Comb ($18) This is a great fall item – but not one I would ever personally used. I have never depilled a sweater and don’t really intend to start now!IMG_6637

Deux Lux Joplin Circle Messenger in Mink – is NOT worth $75! Every other blog has this as $75, but it doesn’t have a chain handle. Also, every other blog including my own pictures this with all the packaging intact. Because ain’t nobody carrying this bag. If you love it, great, there is room for this bag in some people’s lives, but definitely not in mine. I think the color is off, it’s kind of deformed/squished, and I cannot stand the styling of it. If I liked it, I’d pay $15 for it at Target. This was the big item and it didn’t do it for me.

There were a few items that I loved and would happily trade for. However, compared to past editions, NGQ04 had much lower value and when you removed the items I absolutely hated, I’d pretty much be paying retail for the remainder. One of the reasons I love all my subscriptions is that I pay much less for top shelf items, so in the end, this was a return box. Even though I canceled I may resubscribe. I love Quarterly’s return policy!

One note – while I love exclusive items made for boxes, one thing I’m not loving is seeing the exact item except with fewer fabulous details. Yes, it does bring down the price, but it makes me pouty!

The Subscription: Quarterly
The Description: Quarterly Co. is a subscription service that lets you receive awesome things in the mail. You can subscribe to people you find interesting and, once every three months, they will send you a package right to your doorstep
The Price: $25+ per quarter. Nina Garcia’s box is $100 per quarter.


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  • dorothy

    thank you so much for being frank about the box thier are so many boxes to chose from the disconts and the frank review helps a person chose yes or no xoxo dorothy

  • Jill from FB

    I’m one of weirdos that really liked the box. I got it for $75. I was able to trade the hat immediately with no problems. My purse is navy/maroon and I will use it (and very happy not to have the gold chain strap). The sweater comb is nice. I usually use a sweater “shaver” and it makes sweaters (and pants) look brand new. Of course I loved the dark polish. My mug was a slate gray and the perfect color for me. I’ve already worn the earrings to work and I thought they looked really good on me. Finally, I’m always excited about finding good skin care products. With all that said this is likely my last box with Nina. I’ve gotten all 4 of them and they have steadily declined since the amazing first box.

  • jvergin

    Believe it or not, a friend saw my post on this box and NEEDED the hat! And then her sister saw the hat and wanted one too so I traded for a second. It was hard to find hats because most people sent their boxes back!

  • Theboxqueen

    I haven’t tried Nina Garcia’s box yet and after seeing this I am not very impressed. I like maybe two items in this box but wouldn’t have been happy paying $85 for it at all. I think if the bag was of better quality, and color it could have been a much lovelier box. XOXO, Elif

    • Brandy

      Agree completely. And also if it had no fringe…

  • Tasha

    I love how honest you are in your reviews. I feel like a lot of other bloggers are so neutral with their comments that you cant get a sense if they like it or not. Thanks so much for being honest with us. Love your blog! 🙂

    • Brandy

      Thank you 🙂 🙂 I think the neutrality is really because of time. I am sitting here with 12 boxes I just took photos of and wondering how the hell I’m going to pull that off!!

  • Sneaky Burrito

    Appreciate the honesty. I don’t subscribe and that’s probably for the best, seeing as the mug and the nailpolish are the hlghlights for me (I don’t like the hat, bag, or earrings, wouldn’t be likely to use the sweater comb, and can’t use oil-based products on my face). After seeing this and the summer box (with the ugly fringe clutch and the baseball cap), I know that this box is definitely not for me. More power to anyone who likes it,

    • Brandy

      LOL I use the ugly fringe clutch all the time! But nothing in this box has gotten me to pull it out at all.

  • boxesfordays

    Yup, sent my box back as well… this one just left me disappointed, unfortunately. :/ At least there’ll be a RGB nail polish in the Sample Society box for December! 😀

    • Brandy

      i…. forgot to get the december box. SO mad.

  • Krista

    Well said!!! I lucked out and they hadn’t sent my box yet when I emailed so they just canceled my order. I’m going to be pretty shocked if they come out with a 5th Nina Garcia box! I really disliked the last one but now, the 3rd box looks AMAZING compared to this!!! Yikes. What were they thinking?!?!

    • Brandy

      This also seemed to me a last box with the declining value and the more random items. The other boxes had Nina Garcia literally all over them and this one just didn’t in my mind!

      • Debi Baker

        Totally agree with your review of this rather expensive box. I would expect much better quality for the price paid. ( even if I got this for free it would disappoint)

        • Brandy

          fortunately quarterly has a great return policy! i waited a couple days to see if anyone was interested – because occasionally i do get an offer to purchase as you know – but it’s going back!