Li’l Woodzeez Farmers Market Tour – Fun Playset with a Community Focus! #HolidayGiftGuide

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Welcome to Honeysuckle Hollow where all the woodland creatures work together to take care of each other and their environment! I think this is a great message and it’s part of the Li’l Woodzeez family of toys!  Li’l Woodzeez is a line of cute woodland creatures toys that live as a community and they are primarily available at Target. I was sent the Li’l Woodzeez Hoppin’ Farmers Market ($20.79 at Target) plus two families of critters to review.


I think these are GREAT toys for the winter holidays or birthday (we have Christmas and birthday all within the space of ten days!). OR as a great gift for any one of those numerous birthday parties you attend! My big caveat is that if this is a Christmas toy you should designate some time the night before to undo all the packaging and set it up – just part of the parent gig! But no attention to detail is left untended to with these toys – check them out! If you have a kid that loves role-play based small toy play, he or she will ADORE these toys!


Each family comes with a mom, dad, baby boy, and little girl, plus a book. IMG_6525

The Diggadilly Raccoon Family comprises the Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Crew! IMG_6532

And lookie there, a recycling bin right next to the trash. This is the perfect playset with an accessory for everything – and it ALL comes with it for about $20. I was really floored when I saw the price on this one!IMG_6529

The top of the store is open so your child can play with all the pieces. It has everything you’d expect at your favorite corner store. And just leaves so much space for true imaginative play.IMG_6530

There are little stands on the back for the animals.

And the goods range from bottles of sarsparilla to fresh fish and shrimp. And yes, each piece is individual!IMG_6533

If “playing with your food” is important to you, this is amazing. Kids can pretend to shop at the farmer’s market (and maybe next time you take them they really will pick out that cauliflower!).IMG_6534

I just loved looking at each piece, and yes, I totally set this up and played with it myself. 

Even the little guy’s diaper is removable! Just so many details everywhere.IMG_6536

Li’l Woodzeez heard that I already owned the Waterwaggle Beaver family and that I don’t let my kids play with it (it’s part of my crazy beaver collection) so they sent an extra one so I don’t have to be that mom. My kids are going to flip! (OMG I am such a weird mom that collects beaver toys.)IMG_6541

I also love that a book comes with every animal set – both to tell their story, to teach a lesson, and because it’s a book. Older kids can read the story to younger siblings, or you can help younger kids with the words!

Li’l Woodzeez toys are perfect for playset loving kids that love to set up and pretend with their toys. It will keep kids like these (including my children) busy for hours. There are a variety of sets available from small one scene items (about $10), larger playsets like the general store ($20), take-along cottages ($25), and the great big Li’l Woodzeez Treehouse for multi-level play ($40 but sometimes down to around $35). You can make a whole village or just concentrate on one kind of scene – it’s totally up to you and your budget, and these are super budget friendly! I think there’s a ton of value in these types of set and I was really impressed with how many pieces came with it – you won’t have to buy anything except one family and one set to make it work. I particularly enjoyed the focus of this one on food and the environment – it really meshes nicely with what we try to teach at home and at school. I think they’re an incredible value and you can find some of the toys at online and more in store! I recommend these – but definitely get a container for the pieces!


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