December 2014 Global Delights Review – International Food Subscription Box

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Global Delights is an international food subscription box that takes you on a taste journey around the world!  Global Delights‘ focus is on diversity – tastes, textures, and countries. This is definitely one of our favorites precisely because of the diversity. It’s just so much fun! I noticed that the card for this month was fun and sparkly. There’s not really much information on the card – but I think that makes it fun to just explore the flavors and textures in the box!

IMG_6933 IMG_6947

Switzerland: Swiss Delice Brasilia Meringue Biscuits – Global Delights always sends fancy company food that is perfect for keeping in the pantry. These are chocolate covered meringues and I am saving the rest for my bestie (she loves these things!!).


Italy: Barilla Pan di Stelle – I thought these were so cute and I have never seen these before! Every cookie has 11 stars. They aren’t only a Barilla item – they are just another type of Italian cookie. Who knew?

Palestine: Chocolate Coated Wafer – I haven’t tried this one and but my guess is that it’s like a kit-kat!

Germany: Marzipan – Chocolate coated and oh so good. I love German snacks because they are pretty strict about chocolate quality 🙂  This is perfect for December!

Korea: Soft Walnut Candy – This was SO fun – it taste like walnuts and is soft and squishy. What a totally unique treat! I’m going to tuck some in for one of my best friends in her holiday box – she’s loves trying new Korean treats and I like sharing awesome new finds like this one!

Hahaha this was hilarious.IMG_6936

Japan: Whistle Candy – These really whistle! They are sugar candy, slightly fruit flavored.

It had a toy!IMG_6941

Can you see the inside of the candy is hollow? That’s how it works!IMG_6944

Malaysia: Pandan Flavor Layer Cake – This box automatically made December Faves because of PANDAN! Pandan is a tropical leafy plant and is basically like a sweet comforting flavor and it’s always colored green. These are from Malaysia and we ate pandan everything when we went to Singapore. So many of these – made me so happy!


India: Moong Dal Chat Pat’s Dilli style – A totally different style from the rest of the box, I’m saving these for when I’m feeling snacky!

This was another awesome box from Global Delights. I don’t do a cost breakdown because it’s next to impossible, but I feel with the large sizes that they include and the variety and curation that it’s well worth the monthly cost. Plus we have so much fun researching each item and learning about that country’s fun foods!

Visit Global Delights to subscribe or find out more! You can also check out all my !

The Subscription: Global Delights
The Description: Get a monthly box filled with an array of global delights – delicious finds from a wide variety of countries. You will receive at least seven international food items. Foods will range from cookies and candies to soups and entrees, nothing is off limits!
The Price: $36 per month


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