November 2014 Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – American Breakfast!

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IMG_7338 November is the best Hamptons Lane everrrrrr! This is a fantastic foodie/gourmet subscription box. Every month (though you can skip it if you’re not into the theme), you’ll pick up new and interesting gourmet finds from both domestic & international producers, plus the kitchenware to complete the theme. We LOVE this subscription!Save $10 on Hamptons Lane with coupon Mommysplurge10! Usually Hamptons Lane has some crazy large item that cannot fit in their regular box, so they ship the blue box along with the extra items in a larger outside box.



Every month comes with a booklet of information including all the items and a few recipes. I was happy to see that they are back to a glossy booklet (it wasn’t glossy for the past couple months – but that may have also been the review boxes, I do get mine earlier than regular subscribers). This was stiff glossy paper and I appreciated it. This box was curated by Ross Sveback. He’s like the king of Minneapolis/Midwestern style. I had to look him up but hey, he has great taste!IMG_7342

Yes! We need these!IMG_7345

Bourbon Salted Pecan Pancake & Waffle Mix by Southern Culture Artisan Foods ($8) I’ve had this and its absolutely delicious!!

Custom Maple Syrup Trio by Crown Maple Syrup ($15.95) comforting dark and medium amber pure and organic maple syrup. The trio is normally available with light syrup but they skipped it, I’m guessing because light is good for nothing (except ice cream). The real good stuff is the dark stuff.


$10 Coffee Credit from MistoBox – Save $10 on MistoBox with code HAMPTONS10. My husband really likes this subscription and this is great, except it’s not a unique code 🙂

Perfect Poach! Egg Poaching Papers by Tovolo ($6) I am sure I couldn’t poach an egg to save my life (I’ve never tried). These will make it easy and poached eggs are so trendy. My bestie sends me photos of breakfast sandwiches made with poached eggs and now I can show her up!


6.5” Cast Iron Skillet by Lodge ($13.67) This is pretty much the cutest ever. I like how its not too big so you can create a beautiful presentation with it or sear off something and stick it in the oven!IMG_7349 Pumpkin Pecan Butter by Muirhead ($7.95 but to ship one jar it’s $16.60 total) I want to try all their butters but this is amazing! Remember “butters” like this are dairy free – and it’s just the fruit (or the squash!) plus sugar and seasonings. You can spread this between your pecan pancakes for a mindblowing experience and then pour the syrup all on top and stack it with a poached egg. Ok, maybe a bit over the top but I could totally see it happening in my house!

You can still get the November Hamptons Lane American Breakfast box! Just visit Hamptons Lane to pick this up – a totally great value. Save $10 on this box with code Mommysplurge10!

FYI – How this box works.You still get the savings from the subscription box model (it’s $45 per month including shipping) but you can skip the month if you already have the items or aren’t interested in the theme – you’ll know what’s in the box ahead of time!

The Subscription: Hamptons Lane
The Description: Each month, Hamptons Lane curates an amazing box of artisan foods, kitchen tools, and serveware for the food lover. Each month is different – spotlighting a different region, food, ingredient, skill, or activity – and you can always skip if you don’t want that month’s box, free of charge.
The Price: $45 per month
The Coupon: Get $10 off your first box! Just use coupon code Mommysplurge10


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