November 2014 Global Delights Review – International Food Subscription Box

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Global Delights is an international food subscription box that takes you on a taste journey around the world!  Global Delights‘ focus is on diversity – tastes, textures, and countries. And Whoops, looks like I wrote this 10 days ago and forgot to publish it!


First a look at each item, and then a closer look at a few items. We can’t possibly eat everything at once – there is quite a bit of food in every Global Delights box and I think you will find you can make it last all month!

  • Belgium – Jules Destrooper Butter Crisps – A little bite of happiness! These were buttery, caramelly, and oh so good! I think I’m going to stick some nutella in between to make a sandwich.
  • Italy – Loacker Noir Orange Chocolate Biscuits – I think the last box included an item like this and I’m over the moon about them – they are the perfect pantry item to lay out on a tray for unexpected guests. Just place it out and you have a dainty treat – these are in  Loacker’s Gran Pasticceria line and are delicate wafers with orange and dark chocolate and designed to be a fancy treat.
  • Australia – Violet Crumble This is apparently a HUGE thing in Australia and I’ve never heard of it. It’s honeycomb enrobed in chocolate and “it’s the way it shatters that matters”!
  • England – Aero Bar (Mint Chocolate) I’ve had Aero bars before – the inside chocolate is aerated for a fun texture! And of course this one is mint.
  • Russia – Honey Cake with Cranberry Filling – I believe that this is basically the Russian version of a Hostess Fruit Pie.
  • Thailand – DeDe Instant Thai Tea with Cream/Sugar – My husband was “instantly” excited by this. He loves Thai tea but truthfully neither of us has ever even looked how to make it! It will be perfect for a Thai food evening – and my kids can try it too!
  • Peru – San Jorge Fruta Mixta Cookies with Raisins and Candied Fruit – Cute little cookies, maybe the Famous Amos of Peru 🙂 They were crunchy, spicy, and different!
  • Spain – Torres Selecta 100% Extra virgin olive oil Chips – These aren’t gourmet because they are imported, they are really gourmet chips made from select potatoes, lightly fried and salted. Good but a bit more oily than I expected!
  • Germany – Dr. Knoll Milchreis (Rice Pudding) Mix – I love how the bag says REALLY BIG 2-3 servings! I cannot wait for my kids to try this – one of my favorite snacks!!!


My kids chose their desserts for the first night! We explained why they were special. The kids thought they were YUMMY and fun!IMG_6264

Treacle cakes should be stored in clean, dry, well ventilated places, not infected by the stored-bread pest!


I thought the decorations on this honey cake were delightful. The cake itself was quite dry (it must be meant to be served with coffee) but my daughter enjoyed it and I’ve cut it into thin slices for a lunch treat for her! We all loved those butter crisps!

For us this really is a fun family box – it’s both an activity and an event and a great treat. I love the variety in the box – nothing is the same at all. I think it’s a little pointless to do a breakdown here. It’s $4 per item, and some items are going to be more or less but for imported treats this is a fair price – especially since you did none of the work. Global Delights is a great box and I heartily recommend!

Visit Global Delights to subscribe or find out more! You can also check out all my !

The Subscription: Global Delights
The Description: Get a monthly box filled with an array of global delights – delicious finds from a wide variety of countries. You will receive at least seven international food items. Foods will range from cookies and candies to soups and entrees, nothing is off limits!
The Price: $36 per month


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  • Courtney

    Great review! I live in Australia and yes, violet crumbles are pretty great, we have the areo bars here too! I love this site btw 🙂

    • Brandy

      you guys have all the FUN candy. this is me, pouting! why don’t we have an australia box?! do you have a US box? if you did, what would be in it?/what would you want in it? i think it would be awesome to get a monthly box with an australian artisan good, and a snack, and a beer! 🙂 wishful thinking!