Lalaloopsy Color Me Review – Perfect Blank Slate for Crafty Girls! #HolidayGiftGuide

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 The Lalaloopsy Color Me Doll is the doll of the year, according to my daughter. In fact, it is the ONLY toy on her Christmas wish list. She, like most other girls her age, loves the dolls you can color on AND especially loves Lalaloopsy. This brand is so fun and engaging and we have a lot of fun with it. This doll is available in chalkboard black and blank slate white and you can find her on Amazon, Toys R Us, Target, and Walmart for $25-$30. By the way – don’t forget about the Lalaloopsy PJ Party and Baking Oven Giveaway!

Both  my kids were excited. He has a boy Lalaloopsy of his own!


You can draw, color, and stamp your own designs on Lalaloopsy Color Me! It comes with 4 erasable markers, 2 stamps, a sponge eraser, and a pet. My daughter named the butterfly “Flutterfly.”


My daughter is super crafty and she was pretty much beside herself to open this toy and test it. She loves adding her personal touch to everything and Lalaloopsy, as a brand, is about girls expressing their own individuality. Since Lalaloopsy Color Me is really a blank slate, that is easy to do!


*Both* kids loved this doll! They spent hours with her coloring and erasing and recoloring.


We didn’t find the markers messy or hard to use at all, and she was able to get pretty detailed with her artwork! Once I showed her how to stamp she stamped all over the doll.


Erasing was easy too, we also used baby wipes to wipe her off.


All clean and ready for more action! She enjoyed cleaning the doll just as much as she did coloring on her. As far as colorable toys go, I absolutely loved that I didn’t have to worry about washing her in a certain amount of time – the marks come right off and I don’t have to put her in a washing machine (I always worry about that).


If you’re wondering, I told my daughter that we received this doll to test out and to show the other moms how it worked but she had to send it back – she shut her eyes tight and wished for Santa to bring back Squiggles N. Shapes underneath the Christmas tree – I think she’ll get her wish! Find Lalaloopsy Color Me at Amazon, Toys R Us, Target, and Walmart!


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