Koala Crate Review – October 2014 “Colors”

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koala crate review

Koala Crate is a brand new monthly subscription box from Kiwi Crate and Highlights magazine for preschoolers ages 3 to 4. Koala Crate was created to encourage hands-on learning and fun. Activities are designed to be developmentally appropriate and enriching while also engaging, fun, and universally appealing.


October was Koala Crate‘s first month. The “Colors” box included everything above as well as the soft block below.


This is for playing a game!IMG_6834

Koala Crate included three projects. If you’re used to Kiwi Crate, these projects are somewhat more open-ended than the projects in that box.

  • Go on a color scavenger hunt with the jumbo soft color dice. (It jingles!)
  • Use crayons and watercolor paint to create a watercolor banner.
  • Explore color mixing with transparency sheets and paint.


Imagine! magazine was really cute.


My son is 3 and he really enjoyed the level of the puzzles and games. At first he didn’t want to open the box because it was YELLOW and not GREEN, he really got into it, and he totally loves it.


Finger maze instead of the traditional kind – more age appropriate!


The supplies for the watercolor banner. Great chunky crayons, wonderfully large paint brush. All high quality.


The items on the left are color transparency sheets, and they will be used for a long time! I was really impressed with the value of this box. The item on the right is a coloring pad. It has multiple pages for color explorations, including pages for mixing colors with watercolor paint.


This is the instruction book for the adult helper. The inside cover gives the messiness level and grownup involvement for each project.

We haven’t finished this box yet, but I wanted to show it to those of you who have been waiting to see the first Koala Crate ! E spent so long with the activities in Imagine! magazine he got a little tired. That’s expected. I love that this box lasts more than a couple hours, and most of the supplies I can use again and again.

I’m betting that this sample box is the November Koala Crate! I can see that it includes more long-lasting supplies, and I cannot wait to check out that special magic fabric! You can save up to $48 on a year-long subscription to the perfect for preschoolers Koala Crate!

The Subscription: Koala Crate
The Description: Koala Crate sparks kids’ natural creativity and curiosity while saving time for busy parents. Every crate includes all the materials and inspiration for projects related to a theme such as colors, transportation or safari. Crates are designed to give preschoolers exposure to new materials and new concepts that encourage hands-on learning and fun. Ages 3 to 4!
The Price: $19.95 per month


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  • fraurab

    Thanks for the great review! I appreciate seeing everything up close!

  • summer (@summerflood)

    I wish they had Koala Crate when my kiddos were 3! I like all the new crates from Kiwi Crate! Looks like you got a great first box.

    • Brandy

      It’s fantastic!! Less project oriented and more open ended than Kiwi but I think that is appropriate!