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Craft Coffee is a coffee subscription box that utilizes a customized profile to bring you your new favorite coffees. Craft Coffee matches you to your current favorite coffees and then matches you to new favorites (they scientifically analyze all the coffees and collate all the ratings to bring you the perfect match!). Then you get deliveries on a convenient schedule so you never run out. You can save 15% on your first delivery. with coupon code j52-ykb. As usual, my husband has provided the tasting notes for this subscription box!


From Tom:  this month’s selection packed surprising flavor profiles. Surprising enough, in fact, that I had to run a second round of sample brews to make sure my preparation was to specification. [Note from me: it was so cute – he had little “coffee flights” arrayed all over the kitchen. He is so serious! Note that I filled out his profile for him and then asked Craft Coffee to send him what they thought matched my inexpert selections]


Joe Coffee (NY): uncharacteristically mellow for a Columbian bean. Tasting notes pointed to fig, clementine, and caramel. The notes were subtle, and the dominant note was that described as caramel, but it played in my cup as a slightly earthy middle note, reminiscent of a flavor I would associate more readily with a Sumatran bean.

Perc Coffee (GA): billed as a creamy cup with orange and burnt sugar accent, this blend also surprised me with a prominent dry, woody tone throughout; it was this tannic quality that dominated the cup, and lent the El Salvadorian beans an arid aspect similar to what I would expect in Ethiopian varietals.

Royal Mile (NJ): this heirloom offering was the standout of the crowd. I expect Ethiopian brews to be very light in body, with flowery, fruity or woody nose and finish. This offering from Yirgacheffe had a relatively full body. Tasting notes proclaim chocolate, burnt sugar, stargazer flower, ginger lily, strawberry, jackfruit and dark cocoa. My palate couldn’t distinguish all these flavors, but the aroma of the beans straight out of the bag was great: to my nose it was raspberry cordial and fudge, and reminded me of the hallmark scent when opening a box of dark chocolate covered cherries. It brewed a very nice cup with complexity and richness throughout. I typically expect Ethiopian beans to produce a lighter brew, but given the dearth of body in its companion brews, this bean was shockingly assertive for this origin.

I would say that Tom (who is apparently a coffee expert) really enjoyed the Royal Mile Coffee! I can also guarantee you that I do not go out and shop for coffee. I had to pick some up when we moved here and I was basically paralyzed with the decision. Coffee is not something I know about, so a subscription like this makes an awesome gift for your favorite coffee lover (who also may be able to point out what they love but not how to pick a new bean or blend).

Visit Craft Coffee to find out more or to subscribe. You can see all the coffee subscriptions in the subscription box directory! Don’t forget you can save 15% with coupon code j52-ykb!

The Subscription: Craft Coffee
The Description: Craft Coffee brings you coffees from dozens of different roasters with an unprecedented focus on quality. Get 12 oz of Artisan Coffee from 3 roasters (4 oz ea) per month plus custom tasting notes and expert brew tips.
The Price: $25 per month.
The Coupon: Save 15% with coupon code j52-ykb


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  • ryan rihani

    That’s all great except when you try to cancel. They make it a living hell. They refuse to let you do it online and force you to call their “support team”. The support team then forces you to leave a voicemail and they’ll “get back to you”. You can try emailing them, but that will get you nowhere quickly. Two weeks later and I still haven’t been able to cancel. What a joke!


  • Jennifer

    Wow, I can’t believe Tom can taste all that! Great review Tom! I was looking because there is currently a deal on craft coffee at Groupon! 🙂 I sometimes find a roast too bitter, or not full-bodied enough. Can you ask your hubby a question? My FAVE coffee is Green Mountain Colombian Fair Trade Select. Unfortunately, Green Mountain no longer sells this in whole bean or ground bagged form, only in K-cups. I drink too much coffee to use K-cups. I would describe this coffee as rich & comforting (sorry, no tasting notes). I need suggestions for my next coffee.

    • Brandy

      He will get back to you, I am sending it via text. I told you, he has a great taster!

  • beangenius

    Great review! Picking a coffee can be a tough decision! BeanGenius is a similar concept, but we use an algorithm that learns your taste preferences as you continue to provide feedback. We like to think of ourselves as the world’s smart subscription service. We provide coffee from a network of award-winning roasters that is to your door within days of roasting.

  • Rebecca

    I was excited to try the craft coffee subscription. But 3 weeks later I’m very disappointed. They ship once a month- which I didn’t see clearly stated when I redeemed my gift card. Turns out it is scheduled to be shipped the following month since I redeemed a day after their ship window. So now I get to wait 5 weeks. I am not a fan of that.

    • Brandy

      Eeek did you try emailing them??