Universal Yums International Snack Subscription Box Review & Giveaway!

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Universal Yums is a brand new international snack subscription! Every month you’ll take a trip to a new country and munch on brand new snacks. Yum Yum! There are two sizes of box, the Yum ($10) and the Yum Yum ($20). If you order before Dec 1, you’ll receive this box, plus lock in the pricing for the life of your subscription! Plus you can enter the giveaway for a box below!


Woohooo we’re going to Germany!  I love German snacks. Plus is this not the CUTEST idea? The tissue is arranged like the German flag. IMG_6515The information card supplies a bit of detail about each snack, plus a photo. The ingredients have been translated and are listed on the Universal Yums site.

IMG_6519And the snacks looked delightful! I was really happy to see a mix of salty, sweet, spicy, fruity, and that each snack was produced by an actual German company!

When I was typing this up I discovered that half the snacks were from Lorenz, which is a giant salty snacks company headquartered in Germany. I enjoyed reading about it and checking out all their products. Even though many of the snacks were from the same company they were all very different.

  • IMG_6524Lorenz Curly Peanuts – A super unique German snack, these are sort of like old puffy Cheetos, except peanut! Crunchy and crispy.
  • Lorenz Saltlett’s Classic – classic German pretzels flavored with sea salt. MMM Salt.
  • IMG_6525Manner Lemon Wafer – Well, this is actually an Austrian snack. I love wafer cookies and especially lemon and half my family is Austrian, so I was happy to see it!
  • Hitschler Softi Sticks – these are fun taffy sticks and yummy. They were a nice balance while we worked our way through all the salty stuff.
  • Haribo Gold Bears – I have discussed this before, most people think Haribo is a Japanese snack, but they are 100% German. Love them!


  • Kinder Happy Hippo – Kinder is a German chocolate/confection company (mostly all made with milk, hence the Kinder), and I have surprisingly never had one of these hazelnut hippos! Delicious!
  • Ritter Sport Chocolate – Ritter is a classic German chocolate brand, they have tons of flavors, I got yogurt filling. These are a treat for me!
  • Leibniz Choco Pick Up! I may have mentioned in the past that I was born in Germany and Leibniz was my childhood cracker/cookie. I cannot resist them. CANNOT. And sticking chocolate in between? Yessss!
  • Schluckwerder Marzipan – Marzipan is a sweet almond confection and this one has a nice coating of dark chocolate. It’s a great holiday treat!

IMG_6529Dr. Quendt’s Dinkelchen – I thought this was the most unique snack in the box! they are made with wheat bran and Russian bread, and of course, coated in milk chocolate. We loved these! If I could order a case for lunches I would.

I can’t believe I’m still reviewing. There was really a lot in this box!


  •  Lorenz Monster Munch – SO adorable, since they are little monsters & ghosties we’re hanging on to them for next week. They are puffy with a cheese flavor.
  • Lorenz Naturals Paprika – Real paprika, not that old stuff on grandma’s shelf. Delicious chips!

We SO enjoyed this box and loved the variety of flavors. For $20 per month I thought it was also an amazing deal! Plus everything was fresh and in excellent condition (no mashed up snacks here). Remember to lock in your subscription price. And here’s the hint for the January box!

Spicy snacks, amazing treats.
You’re about to get some real good eats.
To Say hello, they’ll often shake hands,
But if you speak Spanish, they won’t understand.

What are your guesses?
Universal Yums is giving away one box to my readers! This giveaway is sponsored solely by Universal Yums!
Universal Yums Giveaway on Mommy Splurge

The Subscription: Universal Yums
The Description: Each month, you’ll receive a box of unique, delicious snacks from a different country delivered right to your door. No repeats! 0% Yuck, 100% Yum.
The Price: Cost: $10 (Yum Box) $20 (Yum Yum Box) per month.


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  • tracy

    hi, were in the gold coast australia and are wanting to know how we can order a yumbox.

  • George

    My name is George and im an Aussie! We eat the Craziest things and would love you all to try our foods, also i would like boxes delivered to me so i can try all the other countries as well, please deliver to Australia!!!!! Thanks!

  • leahlaymanov

    I would like to try snacks from Mexico!! I imagine they are colorfully packaged, delicious, and hopefully some of the savory ones are spicy 🙂

  • Heather62

    Japan! My family and I visited there in 2010 and I still dream about their KitKats!

  • Denise Sanders

    I would love to try snack from Italy

  • Rebecca

    I got to visit Germany this summer and would have loved the box of German snacks! I’ll go with United Kingdom snacks though for my country of choice 🙂

  • crystal sheckles-gibson

    I would love to try a snack box from Greece.

  • Jessica Lodge

    I love my British treats so I would say England

  • Sue Hull

    I’d like to taste snacks from Germany. Thank you for the chance 🙂

  • abbigator96

    Germany or Australia

  • Mary

    Italy, Japan, France…But, there is great food and snacks in so many countries:-)

  • yummyfaerie

    I would say japan or france

  • alicia szemon

    i would love to try france’s foods(:

  • lisa

    This is so cool. Maybe France.

  • cara11286


  • Rebecca Johnson

    I would love to try some Japanese snacks…

  • dee

    since I missed Germany I’ll choose switzerland

    • universalyums

      Don’t worry – you didn’t miss Germany! You have until December 1st to sign up 🙂

  • raomeenas

    I would love to try Italy! I love Italian food and wonder what kind of snacks they would have in their box.

    • universalyums

      We wonder too – great suggestion!

  • Elizabeth A

    Belgium because that’s where to truly GREAT chocolate comes from!!

    • universalyums

      Yes! One of co-founders spent a day in Belgium a few years ago and ate so much chocolate she didn’t have room for beer!

  • Cindy Dorfsmith

    I’d pick Japan first but would love to travel the world via snack foods

    • universalyums

      Japan is a great suggestion! And we agree with you – there’s nothing better than tasting the world through snacks!

  • Brenna Tucker

    I’d really like to try from any country! I like that this snack box is specific to 1 country a month!

    • universalyums

      Glad to hear it! We include fun facts about the country too, so it’s a little bit of education while you’re snacking!

  • Alexis L

    I really like the idea of this box! I’m excited to try snacks from so many countries, but if I have to pick just one, I’d say Japan.

    • universalyums

      Thanks Alexis! We’re so excited to bring a country to you each month! Japan is going to be great when we do it. Definitely going to include the strangest flavor of Pocky we can find!

    • universalyums

      This month is perfect for you!

  • Tiffany Smith


    • universalyums

      When we do Japan it’s going to be so fun! They have the strangest snacks in the world (we just saw some cheesecake flavored gummies from Japan)

  • Gina Gallagher

    Would love to get snacks from France, because they have the best food in the world.

    • universalyums

      Definitely! It would be so hard to decide what to include in the France box – everything is so good!

  • Caitlyn

    I can’t decide….Japan, Switzerland, or maybe France.

    • universalyums

      Or maybe all three! 🙂

  • tweetyscute

    I would love some chocolate from Switzerland

    • universalyums

      Yum! Switzerland has the best chocolate!

  • Deanna Lynn

    This is so fun. Germany has great snacks. I might like to try snacks from France or China.

    • universalyums

      We think it’s fun too! One of co-founders lived in China for awhile and loves Chinese candy! (just not the corn-flavored candy).

  • Alisa Goins

    Snacks from Japan could be interesting!

    • universalyums

      Agreed! Did you know there’s sweet potato and chestnut ice cream in Japan? Sadly we can’t ship it to the US 🙁

  • boxesfordays

    I would love to try snacks from England! I feel like they have some awesome candy and chips flavors. 😀

    • universalyums

      They do! And the Cadbury bars over there are 100% more delicious than what we have in the US.

  • kristen mcclary

    i would most like to try snacks from japan i heard they have some crazy candys like different types of kitkat like watermelon

    • universalyums

      They also have creme brulee Kit Kats that you can bake in the oven. So cool! Japan will be coming in the future!

  • Alexa Cohen


    • universalyums

      One of our co-founders was there in July – and fell in love with Bamba! Israel will definitely show up in the future.

  • Kayla

    I love the idea of this box! I think the value is great and it’s next up on my subscribe list 🙂

    • universalyums

      Thanks Kayla! We’re offering a discounted rate until December 1st so we hope you’ll think about subscribing.

  • Carrie H.

    I’ve had most of the stuff in the Germany box, and they were right- pretty good! I would love to try some snacks from France

    • universalyums

      Glad you’ve tried most of these snacks from Germany! France would be a great option – I’m sure we’ll rotate back to European countries soon enough!

  • Brittany

    I would love to try snacks from Australia, i have always wanted to try vegemite

    • universalyums

      Us too! We’ve always wanted to try vegemite – although we’ve heard it’s not very good plain (you have to put it on toast).

  • Susan Burge (@georgiarealist)

    What a good idea! I love to try different things, but I’m always reluctant to commit to one country’s snacks for a long term. This is a great way to try before you decide you really want one specific country’s things. Given what I’ve heard, I suspect I’d like some from every country, but the one I’m most intrigued by is actually Australia – they eat weird stuff!

    • universalyums

      We promise we’ll only send really yummy snacks to you! Australia is one we’ll have to consider – I hear they have a really unique honeycomb candy bar.