Thursday Thoughts

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This is my obligatory squishy baby photo. You can skip my boring OMG I’m so busy post and just look at his sweet little nog.

So I have something funny to share about my deliveries. FedEx home comes in a Budget rental truck. And UPS delivers at 9:30. I have packages that I know are getting delivered today (I’m writing this Weds night at 9pm) and they still aren’t here. I think it’s SO WEIRD. It’s pitch black! What do they do when it’s snowing? Will my deliveries force them to rejigger their whole route? Because the mail carrier has already done so. She changed her pattern and now delivers my stuff at the end of her route, making a U-turn. That’s right, she skips over me until her truck is emptier because my deliveries are so appalling. I’d better get on the sorting of the extras for holiday baskets!

I’ve been sooo super busy trying to recover from not having a weekend. I’m so glad there’s no more family parading through these parts, I’m just starting to get caught up! We went to Best Buy because our TV totally died, didn’t buy one, and then went to DQ. Way to make a decision. Came home and bought one online (from Best Buy). I will review of course, if you’re looking to buy a GIANT NEW SIXTY INCH TELEVISION. OMG I hope we like it.

And then, of course, our tv, which has been on the fritz for month, has worked PERFECTLY the last 2 days! BAH! OH SO CRUEL! We’re going to take the current tv and put it in our bedroom until it really does die.

Oh yeah did you see my Erin Condren giveaway?IMG_5674

E helped organize my South Hill Designs charms and was rewarded with some new ones.  I’m still unpacking one box every day (moving boxes, not subscription boxes) in hopes that someday all the moving boxes will be gone. HAHAHA.  I started switching out the kids’ clothes and discovered that E was SO tiny this past spring that I bought all his clothes for winter/fall in size 3T. Um OK Brandy.


I got my latest Phone Case of the Month...

IMG_5672I am practicing advanced girl mom skills with laying of clothes AND braids AND bows (that one is from September Posh Pak). This stuff is hard y’all.

What’s up with you? And boxes etc to come! I’ve been working like crazy on house stuff too, I cannot wait to share!

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  • Jenny

    I could look at baby pictures all day long. He is so cute. That is too funny about your delivers. It hasn’t been bad yet a couple falls ago I was getting about a UPS box at least every other day if not everyday and the delivery man was so great with N that we always watched out for him. It was so bad that we ran into him at the store one day and said he would be seeing me later and then another day we were at the mall and ran into him with his family. I think his wife might have something was up with the way N greeted him and they talked about nerf guns. LOL N would always shoot him when he came to deliver.

  • jvergin

    I came here specifically in search of a new baby picture!

    My FedEx stuff sometimes arrives in a Budget truck, but only when the FedEx truck is broken!

  • Jill

    Amazon used to use Lasership a lot, and that would just be some guy in a van that was often unmarked. And they made deliveries as late as 10 or 10:30 at night–it’s a little unnerving to hear someone on your front steps that late! I’ve never heard of UPS being a Budget rental truck, but we’re in the suburbs (Laurel, MD). That’s funny about your mail carrier changing the route!

  • Kelly

    Your children are adorable! How have the girls liked having a baby brother?

    • Brandy

      hahaha just because E has long hair and likes necklaces doesn’t make him a girl! 🙂 they love the baby! but mostly do their own thing.

      • Kelly

        Insert foot into mouth!! I have two girls (ages 2 & 4) and I guess it’s just a habit!

        • Brandy

          heh. he likes wearing nail polish too 🙂 i can’t keep their names straight. nbd. i like to just call them all by the dog’s name.

          • Kelly

            Ha! Three kids, a dog and a blog…you should have your own show on DisneyHD! 🙂

  • Jessica

    TV shopping is hard. I want a tv with a maximum volume setting so my toddler can’t blast it the second I walk away to refill his water cup.

  • Beeju

    Hah my FedEx has always been in a Budget Rental Truck, I thought it was just a rural thing 😛

    • Brandy

      Well, State College is pretty rural!