Thursday Thoughts

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My last Thursday Thoughts was pre-baby. And now we have baby F (see birthday stuff here)! He’s so wonderful. I could smell his head all day long! He’s starting to be more awake during the day and sleep more at night. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I wish he’d wake up earlier in the morning. It’s tough getting everything aligned and it feels like I’m doing “kid prep” way into the late morning! The last round of grandparents showed up yesterday and I’ll be pleased when, um, they are all gone. It’s really hard to get things done (we’re still unpacking) with all the visitors around.


One grandparent (my aunt) actually unpacked for me, and I HAD to share this awesomesauce. This is my pantry. If you can read the labels you can tell it doesn’t have any staple items. It’s all fancy stuff. There’s an entire row of fancy ketchups. Not ketchup. Gourmet ketchups. It’s ridiculously awesome. There’s an entire drawer of fondue stuff!

Following up on Box Issues

  • Figured out why I got Escape Monthly – they charged me for it! I had a non-renewing Living Social Voucher and somehow they decided it was renewing. Sorry guys, refund my money, all of it!
  • Beauty DNA is sending me a replacement for September (I got a duplicate product)
  • I registered for to use my PSMH voucher/gift card and accidentally put in my birth year wrong. I spent over half an hour trying to fix it and gave up. You cannot do it via chat. Or via phone call to customer service. They placed me on a brief 1-2 minute hold with technical services which turned into 30 minutes, at which point I totally hung up. I complained to a family member who works at Nike and he’s passing on my complaint.

As usual I have NO IDEA what boxes are coming this weekend! You’ll just have to find out like me. I can totally tell you have oodles of boxes here to review and if Mister Man fell asleep, I might review one. MIGHT. Because I might just sit around and smell his head instead!

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  • Nicole M

    You just enjoy that sweet baby and smelling his head. i would do the same thing. Review boxes when you’re up for it.