November 2014 Golden Tote Available now & Giveaway!

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I just had the November Golden Tote spoilers but here’s the $49/$149 Tote breakdowns!

 This is a GREAT $49 tote! Remember that Golden Tote may arrive near the end of November, so think 1 – Holiday Gifts and 2 – HOLIDAY PARTIES! $49 pick one item and get 2-3 items.

$149 tote – pick 2 items and get 5-7. What are you picking? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to enter the October “whoopsy” Golden Tote giveaway (they accidentally sent me 2, and because it’s a review box it’s now a giveaway – Thank you GT!!!). It’s a size large but 2 of the pieces are sizeless, plus you can gift it, trade it, or do whatever you’d like should you win! Good luck, enter below! You can see the prize here in my October Golden Tote Pt 2 review!

Vsit Golden Tote to see more and check out all the items now in the boutique!

The SubscriptionGolden Tote
The Description: Each month you’ll get either 5-7 clothing and accessories picks in your tote ($149) or 2-3 items ($49). Golden Totes are now open all month long, but order early for the best selection.
The Price: $49 or $149 per month. You must order each month!


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  • dailydealsjc1

    I love the moto jacket!

  • Joanne

    I love the alpine open cardigan.

  • Carrie H.

    The Favorite Fall Skirt in Blue Multi

  • Tinisha Lambeth

    I like the fall fever dress.

  • Rebecca

    It’s always so hard to pick a favorite! I really like the Chunky Knit Pullover in grey, and the Favorite Fall Skirt in ivory multi.

  • Traci

    I like the gray and white sweater!

  • Vanessa

    The moto Jacket!

  • Christina Moore

    the moto jacket is fabulous. over that thankful dress, with a pair of great boots. yes…

  • Thaty

    The perfect plaid dress!!

  • evnemsi

    God….I LOVE the autumn chill vests, the moto jacket, and the Thankful dress! GAH! So stylish, it hurts….

  • Illy Junus

    I love the Parka Jacket in Gray

  • cstone412cs

    I do not see my comment for some reason so I am going to leave one now…. I am glad that I caught that! Idk why I have trouble with my tablet sometimes!
    my fave items are:
    chunky knit pullover, split personality top, city living bomber jacket, drape shearling jacket, perfectly plaid dress, and I even like the vegan leather jacket and the coated pants!
    so the question is more like what don’t I like lol

    • Brandy

      how are you going to choose?? 🙂

  • Katie

    I love the split personality top in navy!

  • Dana Matthews

    The Moto jacket!

    Cindy Dorfsmith

    Love the dinner date dress!

  • Gina Gallagher

    I like the Fall Fever Dress

  • Daniel Diffy

    Love the Printed Anorak!! 🙂

  • Akaleistar

    I really like the plaid dress!

  • Melissa

    Love the In the Spotlight dress!


    I ordered the $149 just for the vegan jacket! I am soooo excited to get it and review on my site!! ( – thanks for introducing me to Golden Tote!

  • Teri F.

    The vegan moto jacket is my favorite and the chunky knit pullover sweater in grey is a close second.

  • Nicole P

    Lovely lace top! Can be dressed up or down. I already have the Collegiate Sweater – bought on Piperlime like 3 months ago for $98! 🙁 BOO!

  • Erica

    The chunky knit pullover in gray!

  • Andrea Fleming

    The split personality shirt and the vests! Love them, but they were sold out of my size for both 🙁

  • Dawn Monroe

    I love the printed avonrak jacket in brown and the teal apple picking sweater.


    Loving the Alpine open cardigan.