Treats for Sensitive Dogs (or any Pup!) – Made in the USA & 2 Paws Up!

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One of the things that I look very carefully at before feeding my precious baby dog any treats is whether it was made in the USA. Lindy, our miniature schnauzer, is really sensitive. She loves mint flavored dental chew treats, but to be honest, most of them do not stay down! We were sent a couple bags of treats to check out from VetIQ – they make affordable made in the US treats, and they are Lindy approved. You can find these treats at stores like Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Target, and they’re about $6 per bag (for the size seen here).


Lindy loves duck. LOVES. But a lot of the doggy duck treats are made in China. That’s a big old sad face because those treats can be dangerous. I was thrilled to find the Betsy Farms Duck Jerky treats – which are made in the US from American raised duck. So was Lindy!

I wasn’t allowed to take a photo of her snarfling this treat – she ran away with it! The Betsy Farms treats are free of wheat and artificial preservatives and flavors. Duck jerky is her “special treat” and we will definitely be buying more of this. She’s so spoiled.


Daddy (that’s his knee, not mine!), can I please have more? What a beggar!

Minties are also made in the US and contain no wheat, soy, corn, or artificial flavors. They are hard enough to keep your dog’s teeth clean while being gentle on the tummy, plus they have parsley, dill, fennel, and chlorophyll to help control doggy breath and plaque and tartar. Lindy really didn’t care because she thought it was DELICIOUS.f27746240

I was really excited to give these breath treats a try because they didn’t contain any ingredients that she was sensitive to. And sure enough that treat did not come right back up! We recommend these for any dog with doggie breath (that would be all you pups) and especially ones that need easy to digest dental treats!

You can locate Minties at!

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