Jake and the Neverland Pirates Battle for the Book – Tell Your Own Story!

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When I opened an email last week about Jake and the Neverland Pirates Battle for the Book, my son just about exploded with excitement. Chances are if you’re a Disney Junior viewer like our family (my time writing this post was sponsored but not our enthusiasm!!), your kids are waiting in anticipation for this Family Night Special Event too! Is there anything better than telling a story?

Jake & the Neverland Pirates are traveling to London to save Wendy’s storybook (you know what that is!) from Hook’s evil clutches. I couldn’t be happier about this book-centric movie and the special storytelling-focused sweepstakes that LEGO® is sponsoring!  Enter to win prizes in the Epic Battle Build Sweepstakes including an Ultimate LEGO® DUPLO® Prize Pack!

The show will premiere on Sunday October 26 at 6pm EST/ 5 CST on Disney Channel! You seriously won’t want to miss it or the episode where Jake sets sail as a LEGO® DUPLO® character right after the movie.

build your storytelling adventure

And let me tell you one simple way to turn a tv show or even playing with DUPLO® sets into a language and literacy learning adventure.

Ask them to tell you a story. I know, it seems ridiculously easy – they’re already telling stories, right? Yes they are. And when you ask them to tell you the story – what happened in the movie? What game did you make up? What happened next? How did it end? They improve their narrative skills and strengthen their vocabulary, and they won’t even know they were learning anything!

storytelling beginningIf your kids are young like mine, you’ll want to remind them that a story has a beginning… (I’m pretty sure someone made off with some treasure!)

storytelling middlea middle.. (Jake uses the vine to swing from his hideout to Bucky!)

storytelling endand an end! (Pixie Dust Awaaaaay! The boat landed on an island safe from the grasp of Captain Hook!)  While taking a look at this post, my daughter saw the first picture and said: that’s the very very very very verrrry beginning. I want to know what happens next! 🙂 Storytelling is magic!

This Battle begins on Sunday October 26 at 6pm EST/ 5 CST on Disney Channel! So note it in your planners, set your alarms, and tune those DVRs – you seriously won’t want to miss it or your chance for a family storytelling adventure. Don’t forget to snap a photo of your child with their story and enter the Epic Battle Build sweepstakes!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Disney Junior. Opinions, as always, are my own.


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  • Jenny

    oh my we are huge Jake fans here. C loves to pretend he is Jake when we play around the house. LOL he will build all sorts of hideouts.