Gwynnie Bee Review – Plus Size Clothes Rental Subscription

Gwynnie Bee provided me with a complimentary subscription for my review. Hello Subscription may earn compensation via links in this post. Read the full disclosure

GwynnieBeeReviewWhether you are tall, plus size, on the large size, fluffy, voluptuous, or just plain a size 10 and up, you might be SUPER frustrated with other options for women’s clothing. If you are tired of shopping at the same two stores (seriously, you know what I mean), you may be interested in checking out Gwynnie Bee.

Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental subscription service for sizes 10-32. It’s like Netflix for clothes – pick how many items you want, add them to your queue (at Gwynnie Bee, it’s a closet), and then wear and exchange them as many times as you’d like throughout the month. You can purchase items that you love to keep in your real closet permanently, or just keep on switching up your look!

Currently when you sign up for Gwynnie Bee you can get your first month for $10, which is an awesome way to just try it out and see if you love it. I thought it was fantastic and I’m looking to experiencing some more styles in my closet!

In addition to tailoring the clothing to your size and style, you will also be able to fit the subscription to your budget. Plans start at $35 per month for one item, all the way up to 10 items at a time for $159. Considering that department store plus size wear often costs $150 or more per piece, I think this is a great value.

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Gwynnie Bee provided me with a subscription to check out the service (which so many of you use!!!) so I could experience it for myself. I picked out clothing and “closeted it” myself in a variety of sizes so I had a chance to see how well the service worked.  When I selected my items, I noted that every item had a size chart to go along with it. Even more so than misses’ clothing, plus size clothing is subject to serious size variations. Not only was this helpful in selecting pieces, it was great to be able to try out brands where I didn’t know the size at all.f28397120

 The first item I selected, the Kiyonna Peplum top, didn’t look good on me at all. I am considerably too postpartum to wear this, because it made me look pregnant. However, that’s about me and my own sizing issues. I thought that the size chart was accurate and better yet, wear on this item was minimal. I am showing the clothing on my “fancy hanger” but I didn’t think the looks on the models were off. However, I would love to see a greater variety of models – the sizes for Gwynnie Bee are in quite a large range – and I am sure women who fall on the larger end of the spectrum may have a harder time visualizing how the pieces might look on them. That may be my only complaint, I think this is an awesome subscription!


The second piece I selected was this Three Dots dolman sleeve cardigan in grey. This is a PRICEY CARDI at $200. I could buy mine at 42.57 though, which is astonishing, because it looks brand new. It may technically be at the end of its lifecycle in Gwynnie Bee, but had I purchased this, I wouldn’t know it wasn’t new. The dolman sleeves are super flattering and lend themselves to being pushed up on your arms. This piece is a great way to stretch your current clothing especially between seasons!


This Spruce & Sage Lush Botanical Blouson top is gorgeous and is totally my favorite item! It is something that I would never purchase at full retail (and probably even discounted), because I am a clothing scaredy cat. This is an awesome way to try out some new vibrant clothing and find what works just right for your shape and your tastes.


Again, I couldn’t find a lot of wear on this item. The only hint that it was pre-worn was the tag (and they’re all cleaned before they are sent out!). All of my pieces came with clipped on tags noting that they were to be washed in the gentle cycle – but that’s only if you want to wear it more than once. Otherwise, you bundle everything up and send it back for Gwynnie Bee to dry clean.

Once you are a subscriber, you will receive emails when Gwynnie Bee adds new items to their inventory, so you can add them to your closet.  They have over 150 brands and clothing for any occasion. You will get free shipping and unlimited exchanges (subject to the postal service). Plus you can mark items as ready to exchange in your closet so Gwynnie Bee can set up your next shipment and get it ready to go. I am marking my items as ready to go now and closeting new items so I can try on even more!!

Remember when you sign up for Gwynnie Bee you can get your first month for $10! That pricing is good on the 3 items per month plan, so be sure you select that option for your first month! If you are on the smallest end or largest end of the size range (sizes 10 through 32) you may find fewer options, but when I looked I thought there was a wide variety of sizes on most of the clothing.


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  • Elizabeth

    Scam pure and simple. Does not matter how many times you call Lisa (she can’t do anything – she is sweet but her hands are tied) The Wolf is Crystal. Watch out folks. This is one of the best rackets I have come across in years. The do not send the right sizes, they send winter clothes in summer and vice versa. If you cancel the service they cont, to bill you. Just when you think you have gotten rid of the Bee they come back and (really sting you) by putting a massive charge on your credit card. Okay so I disputed it with my bank they removed it and issued me a new card. Somehow Gwynnie charged my account another $680.52 again. Now this is after I have cancelled service, changed my card. And if that is not enough they started with the monthly service again. Should not be called Gwynnie Bee but Gwynnie Roach…You simply can not get rid of them. Do yourself and your bank account a favor shop anywhere else. IMHO they are the worst retailer on Planet Earth.