Easy Paella Recipe – Hamptons Lane Spanish Tapas Review & Coupon

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Hamptons Lane is a great foodie/gourmet subscription box. Every month (though you can skip it if you’re not into the theme), you’ll pick up totally delicious gourmet finds from both domestic & international producers, plus the kitchenware and specialty food items to really make everything work. For this month that meant a paella pan plus hard to find authentic Spanish foods perfect for making a paella feast.


When I saw the GIANT box I was super interested to see what it was! Hampton’s Lane has a branded box but they often (most months I think!) send huge items that require an outer box. IMG_5759

Arbequina Olives From Dequmana ($7) These were the cutest tiny olives! They are all natural and really quite delicious. I love olives so it was great to get such a hard to find variety in a box!

Sweet Smoked Paprika D.O. from la Dalia ($6) D.O. indicates that this Pimenton de La Vera is actually from a certain region in Spain. It’s soooo smoky and delicious. Definitely super flavorful and if you’ve only ever had supermarket Paprika you need to just stop.

Imperial Spanish Chorizo from Pata Negra ($15) This is pretty spicy and pretty delicious. You can use just a little for flavor and heat or load it in – up to you!

Organic Piquillo Peppers from Matiz ($10) These are fantastically delicious – and way better than a standard jarred pepper. They were such a great surprise, and probably my favorite item in the box because I didn’t expect them to be THAT good!

Steel Paella Pan ($36) It really makes a beautiful statement to serve it in the pan and we found that the size was really perfect for making the rice cook perfectly and have the traditional crust on the bottom form.

We decided to go all authentic with our Paella (which means basically nothing, Paella is like a home cooking flexible dish) and cooking it on the grill was fun! IMG_5840

Garlic, Saffron, and that beautiful smoked paprika!

Yes, this is actually the food we cooked with this box!


I can only do one recipe per post! Please read my Marinated Arbequina Olives and Stuffed Piquillo Pepper Toasts recipe that I made with the rest of the items in the box. I think they were my favorite! I love snackies!

You can still get the October Spanish Tapas box! Just visit Hamptons Lane to pick this up – a totally great value. Save $10 on this box with code Mommysplurge10!

FYI – How this box works.You still get the savings from the subscription box model (it’s $45 per month including shipping) but you can skip the month if you already have the items or aren’t interested in the theme – you’ll know what’s in the box ahead of time!

The Subscription: Hamptons Lane
The Description: Each month, Hamptons Lane curates an amazing box of artisan foods, kitchen tools, and serveware for the food lover. Each month is different – spotlighting a different region, food, ingredient, skill, or activity – and you can always skip if you don’t want that month’s box, free of charge.
The Price: $45 per month
The Coupon: Get $10 off your first box! Just use coupon code Mommysplurge10


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  • Emily L

    I am dying to make paella! I have the pan, just needed a good recipe and some nudging 😉 I’ve only had it once, on my one trip overseas 😀

    • Brandy

      It’s really easy! Doooooo it!!! Like I said in the recipe, prep everything first, it makes it so much easier. Just sit around with some wine and cut everything up. You can prep the shrimp before or just peel & eat when its cooked.

  • Diana Garza

    That Paella sounds amazing!! Now, I just need to find some Saffron.

  • cookienameddesire

    Yes, this looks amazing. I love Hamptons Lane boxes. Pinning for later!