2014 Holiday Gift Guide – Accepting Submissions #holidaygiftguide + Erin Condren Giveaway

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2014 holiday gift guide

My readers know that I am crazy about Christmas shopping! I shop all year and the beginning of October marks the start of the gift buying season, especially for determining what gifts you need to be looking for this holiday season.  I have certainly started my own shopping already! Most of the items in my blog’s Holiday Gift Guide will be my personal picks but I’m always looking for fresh ideas.If you have a product to share with us, read on!  If you are a reader, read below for a GREAT giveaway to make up for this totally boring administrative post!

Looking for the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide? Go here!

Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Submissions

If you are a brand/company looking for editorial consideration and interested in getting your products before thousands of blog readers (we’re expecting 750k+ pageviews over the holiday season), please email us at [email protected] with the subject line Holiday Gift Guide Submission.  I am accepting pitches from any category, from large toy manufacturers to artisans with unique handmade goods.

During November & December we’ll be featuring gift ideas on MommySplurge perfect for holiday gifting for every member of the family.  I personally love gift guides because I get overwhelmed in a store – and having a recommendation from a friend always helps me choose!  Our gift guides will include:

  • Babies, Kids/Toys, Tweens/Teens
  • For Her & For MOM!
  • For Him & For Dad
  • For Home & Entertaining
  • Gadgets & Gizmos
  • Food & Drink
  • Health & Fitness
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Travel
  • Stocking Stuffers

As part of the MommySplurge 2014 Holiday Gift Guide you’ll receive:

  • a blog post on MommySplurge reviewing your product
  • inclusion in the Holiday Gift Guide on MommySplurge, promoted on the sidebar from November through the end of December
  • Social Media links to product reviews
  • inclusion in the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide Pin Board
  • Giveaway of your product, if desired

When pitching, please include photos, social media links, and information regarding where your item can be purchased.  Unlike during the rest of the year (see my information on sponsored & review posts), I don’t have a strict minimum for reviews, but all items are subject to editorial approval.

 #HolidayGiftGuide Giveaway!


The first item on my gift myself list is my Erin Condren Planner! You can see my planner from last year (and see how to save $10), and oops, I never quite reviewed the new planner I picked up for work! You’ll be able to get your own planner or anything else you like on the Erin Condren site if you win this giveaway!

holiday gift guide 2014


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  • Cindy Dorfsmith

    The suspense is killing me 😛

    • Brandy

      I forgot to update the giveaway! Sorry! the winner has been contacted There will be more giveaways, I promise!!

  • katie h

    I would love to just go shopping for new clothes!

  • Katherine

    Need some new nursing shirts!

  • Crissie Clark Woolard


  • ca

    Since you asked… I want a set of all 4 of the JuiceBeauty lip glosses I first saw in the MSA Quarterly box. Love them!

  • Elizabeth A

    My wish list: 3 new yoga studios opened during the past year, I would like a gift cert for a few sessions at each one to see what they’re about–I always appreciate gifts I can “use.” For my husband, I’m getting a sail for his kayak!! (shhhhh…he’s going to be so excited!)

  • teen2tots

    My wishlist is a new Kindle Paperwhite. My Kindle is 3 years old and already a dinosaur. I’m done shopping for my youngest son and #1 son but haven’t started on #2 son. He wants a iPod Touch. Those suckers are expensive!!

  • Brenna Tucker

    I’d love to get the Nordstrom popsugar must have box for Christmas! 😉

  • audrey

    Interview clothes and tools for the hubs, a camera for my soon to be 3 year old and thee baby? Well we’ll see….

  • Veronica

    I want to buy my boys Samsung kid’s tablets. Pretty much small stuff that they might like beyond that. Otherwise I want Santa to sell my house. LOL

  • Alexa Cohen

    i want new clothes!

  • summer (@summerflood)

    Well…. a skillet. I’m boring, I know. I need an EC planner to start living it up!

  • Tracy B

    I want Disney world giuft cards for our trip next year.

  • Jackie H

    I would love a great pair of boots! And an EC life planner!!

  • Tinisha Lambeth

    I want more more box subscriptions!

  • Cindy Dorfsmith

    My christmas list includes a new sewing machine and lots of washi tape!

  • Karen

    I have so many items on my list but really only want for my family to have a good holiday season.

  • Jean Eckert

    I only have 1 item on my wish list this year- a Roomba vacuum! I am obsessed by the idea that this little robot could clean my floors everyday and think I need to get one ASAP!

    • Brandy

      I love my Neato! Are you a Costco member? You should look into it. There’s usually a sale on them soon. The Neato has a huge compartment. I recently had an issue with my charger bar (I actually don’t know where our Neato is, but I had the information saved and I called them up) and they sent me a new one. When we find him, Roger (the vacuum) will be in charge of the upstairs!

      • Jean Eckert

        I am a Costco member! I will have to look for the Neato. I have 3 little kiddos (5 and under!) and we have a lot of toys sitting around the house- will it just clean all around the toys or do you have to pick up before you let it loose?

        • Brandy

          I really need to do a full on review. It will clean around the toys but tiny things it will go over. It sure as heck gets the kids to clean up. When Roger starts they are like ZOMG and run around like maniacs cleaning. It’s awesome.

  • Sarah

    I am wanting a Silhouette Portrait this year!

  • cara11286

    All fashion items haha

  • Julie Jay.

    i will be shopping for my preteen and teen sister, my crafty mom, my oh so loving boyfriend, and my grandma and grandpa. and lots of other people I just hope i can defnitely get the things for my baby sisters.

  • Akaleistar

    A new planner is on my Christmas list 🙂

  • Eliza

    I already told my husband I want an inevitably chic 6 month subscription. He’s usually pretty good about getting the things I specifically ask for!

  • andreagirl

    I really want an Erin Condren planner this year! This is what made me find your blog! I would love to win!

  • qualitytimes7

    I would love several subscriptions. I think it is the gift that gives all year. A planner to start the new year off would be awesome!

  • Mary Malaguti

    An erin condren planner for the coming year ! I also really want a kindle 😀

  • Jessica Downs

    An Erin condren planner is on my list. And I am shopping for kindles and golf clubs!

  • The Demure Life

    I have some items from the vintage pearl on my christmas list – I’d love personalized stackable rings 🙂


  • Anh D.

    A jewelry organizer! really need one

  • Lauren Hilbert

    I would really enjoy getting a new camera for Christmas this year!

  • Elizabeth

    A new Erin Condren planner is on my Christmas list this year. I REALLY want one of the platinum ones.

    • Brandy

      especially since this is a probably get it yourself item, I totally suggest ordering early so you’re good to go in January. They take a while especially during peak planner season. You probably know this already but really, they get super backed up!

  • Deanna

    I’ve wanted a KitchenAid stand mixer for years but have never broke down and bought it. I’m hoping my hubby will get me one this year!

  • Nikki725

    I would love a Popsugar subscription this year! I’m shopping for clothes, and various video games for my husband 🙂

  • Helen Whaley

    Christmas shopping is fairly easy for me, I add to my stash of gifts year round. The difficult people to buy for are always men. It doesn’t help that my husband and son both have birthdays in January, right when I’ve exhausted all my ideas! My wish list contains one thing – an ounce more energy to enjoy the holidays.

  • kelly tillotson

    the one thing i want all year long–a bosch mixer. it never happens! i must be naughty!

  • Rebecca

    My wishlist is more intangible this year since I’m stuck at school; I hope I’ll have some time off around the day so I can spend time with my husband and friends since I can’t see my parents and siblings at Christmas for the first year ever!

  • Tabitha

    On my Christmas wish list is some type of storage unit for my craft supplies. It would be great to have everything all in one place.

  • Natalie R

    I am hoping for an annual sub to popsugar! As far as gifts I am buying, I will be collecting minis of my favorite beauty finds this year to gift to all the women in my life.

  • Jessica a

    I exchange lists with the hubby to ensure that I get something I prefer,rather than a random present. This year I am looking for a new watch. For other friends and family members I am purchasing cloths from the local farmers market boutiques…

  • cstone412cs

    I really want a mom day, like hair cut, color or facial…. Or jewelry. I’m shopping for my 2 girls, 18 months and 8.

  • Tara

    So this might seem silly because I just celebrated my 3 yr anniversary, but shopping for my engagement ring!

    • Brandy

      Not really. I have been married for 5 years and still don’t have one! I have lots of rings I pretend are my engagement ring!

  • Melissa

    I didn’t know I wanted a planner til I saw that beautiful one pictured, lol! I’ll be shopping for something super luxurious for my mom bc she deserves to be pampered. Also looking for original, intelligent gifts for my daughter!

  • Natalie Lyons

    The items that I will be shopping for this Christmas are tools for the hubby, video games for the kids, and gift cards for our relatives

  • Jenny

    I actually have a personal file on my google drive that I have shared with M that has a running list of things I want. LOL I routinely add and delete from it as things are going on or as I buy things. I kept forgetting what I saw on blogs or FB that I liked so this way I can remember and he always has ideas. Perfect. Right now my hot button items are some new rainboots and a new purse. I’m torn between a new kate spade or one of the new disney dooney & burkes. I want them both but don’t really NEED them both.
    I think my boys are going to be getting the new Disney Infinity 2.0 as a shared gift with some play pieces for each of them. I got a ton of toys at the Target clearance this summer so that will be the rest of the filler. I’m sure to pick up some good deals as I see them but I will go through what all I have when I go to wrap and keep some for their birthdays in Jan and Feb.
    I have no idea what to get M. He just doesn’t really care and doesn’t get into the gift thing as much as me. His bday is also in Dec which makes things hard when trying to get fun things he will love.

    • Brandy

      I have something random to tell you/complain about. There is no CW affiliate in State College. Will you hold me while I weep a little? We get a non-HD version on Comcast.

      • Jenny

        Uhm what? How can there be no CW in a college town. That is just bonkers. Can you stream it on your laptop the day after? Or if you have chromecast shoot it to your tv? You need to catch up on Vampire Diaries and Reign from Thursday and oh my the boys are back tomorrow. The previews have me in all a tizzy. LOL it looks sooooooo good.

      • Debi Baker

        Oh my! I could NOT do without my Winchester Boys! (Wipe off drool) Any show that can spoof itself,more than once might I add,is def on my watch list. Plus did I mention those boys r ripped. Grew up nicely over 9 seasons!

        • Brandy

          I know. Lucky me my husband loves the show too!!