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How is this the only photo I got of my kid’s first time at soccer? Whoops! She *loved* it. Woke up sick though. We’re keeping her home today. We hemmed and hawed about it (she slept in until after 9, and this kid is a crack of dawn kind of girl), hacking. I don’t know if she has that new RSV or what but she’s been battling a cold for almost 2 weeks. As she’d already WAY missed the bus, she’s just staying home. I don’t believe in perfect attendance. No point in sending sick kids to school.  What are your rules for sick kids? When do you send them/keep them?


My Phone Case of the Month! Love the vanagon.

My Birchbox. Looks great and I’m trying to keep an open mind about the Rose perfume. I guess that’s what my MIL is for…  My other box is super duper amazing but totally got sent to MD and I doubt I’ll ever see it. So I refuse to look at it again. There’s actually still time to sign up for what looks like a GREAT month at Birchbox (with really, all new products). Don’t forget about the anniversary box deal either!


The view from my OB’s office. Those are cows. Basically in the parking lot.  But cows make ice cream essentially so #gocows.

I have oodles of boxes to review, and I might actually get to some today. But first I am stressing out about not having anything for the baby. Like a crib mattress. or a changing pad. or a swing. Or bottles. I should buy that stuff.

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  • Diana Garza

    Gosh, I hope your daughter feels better. Big hugs to her and you!
    I also do not believe in perfect attendance – if my child is sick, I’m definitely keeping him home no doubt about it.

  • Boombutt

    I do not think anyone should be out and about sick when there is no need for it. I always hated when fellow employees came to work obviously ill because I knew eventually I would be next and then my entire family. When I commented once to a buddy about it at work he said ” I may as well get paid to be sick.” He saved his sick days for fun. Employers are better about not wanting sick employees at work.

    • Brandy

      At my new job they do not count sick days. You report them but you don’t count them. Anything long term needs to be approved by a supervisor and/or covered under FMLA (my impending maternity leave isn’t covered under FMLA but I’m getting 8 weeks). They don’t want people up in here getting everyone sick. It’s awesome.

  • jvergin

    I don’t believe in perfect attendance either. If you are sick and could get other kids sick, then you stay home! Now colds and stuff, that’s normal so I send them. But if she was hacking, then I would have kept her home too! How is she now?

    Uhh, do you need me to drive to PA tomorrow and get you some stuff?? Cause I will!

    • Brandy

      We had to take her to the doctor. Her oxygen was low and they ended up sending her to the hospital to make sure she didn’t have pneumonia! The doctors office actually didn’t want me to being her in and I was like look. This child is nearly 6 years old and I have never taken her in for a cold. It is not a cold. It is prob that new rsv. They gave her an inhaler to help. I just need to order stuff on amazon and be done with it! But I cannot decide on anything? Like what bottles do I want? What do I name the baby??

  • Jenny

    I don’t believe in perfect attendance either. N only missed one day last year and that was a Saturday makeup day but he isn’t a sickly kid however I would totally keep him home if he was. We are dealing with something now that his teacher says he keeps having sneezing fits at school but he never I mean never sneezes at home. I called the dr and talked to the nurse and we upped his allergy pills. He takes Claritin and I was only giving him one a day but if you read the box he can have two. LOL oops we will see how that goes. His allergies usually show up in his eyes and not his nose so who knows. I’m thinking he might just be a little more allergic to something at school then home so maybe this will help him.
    You will get everything you need. You just moved and really they don’t need that much to start with. You’ve done this before so you got it. I love that you can see cows. hehe when I lived in PA growing up we lived down the street from amish farms. I took M by there when we were on our honeymoon roadtrip and he can’t believe with how much a suburb girl I am now could have possible lived so remote. LOL

    • Brandy

      She hasn’t been on her Claritin here, it’s not daily for her but today was bad! Her oxygen was low and they sent her to the hospital for tests and chest xrays. All is well but she is still sick! Poor thing thought she would get soccer again today. I hope she is all good by SUbday for her game! Also I hope my husband gets well by baby day. What the hell do they do if everyone is sick?