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Yay, Thursday! Ipsy Glam Rooms went up today, here’s mine! You can check out your own or all the Ipsy Spoilers for September!

I am beyond excited about MAC’s Rocky Horror collection. BEYOND.

Here’s my credit card, I need all the lipsticks, THANKS! Having a third baby? WHATEVER I AM SO DRAGGING MY KID TO THE MAC COUNTER FOR A RHPS MAKEOVER! (for me, not for baby, mmmkay?)

I was hoping to get my Popsugar Fall Special Edition box today but it doesn’t look like that’s happening.That’s alright, I cannot open it until I open the rest of the boxes hanging out around here. If you didn’t get the fall box but want the SEPTEMBER box, use code BJB10 to save $10. Which is fantastic.

My work says that the wifi on my iphone isn’t right and probably needs replaced. I have applecare and new iphones are out next week. Who am I to judge their professional opinion on this matter? Replacing it, swapping phones with husband, and totally getting a new phone.  I just added my bestie to my plan but I think we have another upgrade hanging out on the plan.

My daughter is loving kindergarten but I have no idea what she does there. Because children refuse to tell you what they do at school apparently. It’s like a big secret.


Speaking of Verizon, our Comcast experience has been less than awesome.  See these boxes? They sent 2 modems, 2 DVRs (we didn’t order those), and 2 boxes of bubble wrap. Yes, really.  We took them back to the store as directed, got a modem (yay internet!) and they don’t have the cablecard for our tivo. Because 40,000 people just moved in last week and they are apparently unable to project that there may be abnormal demand for equipment (we now live in a college town). We cannot watch tv, have no idea when they might have our part, and are also unable to watch tv through the apps because we are not allowed to do so until they activate our equipment.

…. yeah.  Good thing I’m too busy trying to unpack (um, please let us get everything set up before the baby comes!).  What’s going on with you??

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  • Kati @ Cashew Bean

    I have been thinking about you and that baby! Good luck getting ready before he pops out! I can’t wait to see pictures! Hope you have a smooth delivery!!!!

  • Jenny

    We are Ipsy twins again. I’m ok with the bag but after seeing all the pretty pretty stuff in the preview I’m kindog letdown. I want more pretty stuff. LOL
    Does your K teacher do a weekly newsletter? Ns did last year and that kindof gave me a go to when asking questions. I could be more direct that way. He isn’t much better this year but we are working on it. I’ve found I can’t say what did you do today. I have to be very specific and say what did you read today? What did you do in Daily 5 today? Etc. My other favorite is what was your favorite thing today? Those at least get me some answers.

    • Brandy

      There is a weekly newsletter. I looked at the previous year’s and it’s not really of interest. A reads WAY above grade level (like at 5th grade) and her math is super advanced and it’s like oh, you learned something you already know. yay. She likes the songs and gym and art like all the rest of the kids at least. But there’s no real science in K or anything to hold her interest so much except that everything is a craft to her, which she loves. I still don’t even know what daily 5 is. I went to the orientation and it was so hot I wanted to die. And then her teacher said it would be great if she could invite some kids home for a playdate. And I’m like WOMAN, I have a house to unpack, I am about to give birth to my THIRD child and if I were on the other side I would politely decline any such invitation to my child. And honestly, someone like me is like, um, boxes, children that aren’t mine, liability, etc. That’s why we have stuff like soccer. So she can meet someone not in my house. I don’t know if it’s common around here or the K teacher is just crazy but 5 year olds don’t really invite other 5 year olds over. Parents invite other parents to bring their 5 year old over. Which I am not doing really any time this YEAR.

      • Jenny

        I’m really hoping that its the teacher since wow why would you invite over multiple 5yr olds you don’t know. I don’t think so. I’m in a couple moms groups so we met people that way and then N did preschool too. He still hasn’t really had a playdate perse. We have the neighbor kids over but our yards touch so that doesn’t really count. LOL plus no unpacking here although based on my floor right now you might think we are moving. There is so much stuff all over as we are clearing out and getting ready for the consignment sale. Ugh too much stuff.
        I don’t know the exact description of Daily 5 is but it has something to do with the rotation of things they do each day. Hopefully as they are doing centers the teacher will see that she needs a little more indepth stuff and work with her. I know Ns teacher did last year for the kids. The groups they were in were kindof based on their level so when she went from group to group they all did similar things. No real science here in K either. They did a little bit of weather stuff later in the year but that was about it. He has science some this year in 1st but its shared with Social Studies so they do about half a quarter of each alternating. So they just did 4ish weeks of SS and now will be doing 4ish weeks of Science and then track out and then do it again.

        • Brandy

          Really, for the science part, thank the lord for the boxes. They have been invaluable. She likes experimental science (seriously, she was like EYE SAFE SHAMPOO! and totally stuck it in her eyeballs. Not because she is stupid or crazy, she just wanted to test the claim!). She will get pull out for reading (the reading specialist went into early labor first week of school). She will also probably get pull out instruction for math. After they finish the instructional evaluation I’m going to have her referred for an IEP, but really, in K, there’s not much they can do. Fortunately I now work in a library with an educational library and they have been giving me all sorts of books for her! Librarians (I’m a librarian! Which is funny, because I’m not really!) can check out 500 items. So we don’t need to buy books!

          We have tons of boxes/tubs that we had sent here and that are down in the basement for the yard sale of the century. I have to go through and cherry pick items for ebay, which I’ll probably do while I’m out on leave. Tom is really trying to get the baby furniture done so I can unpack the actual baby stuff. Right now I’m doing the bathroom. I found the shower curtain YAY!

          We have met the neighbors and they brought a fruit tart which was so kind of them so I need to make them a basket once I get into all my stuff. We are just kind of busy for structured playdates (which usually happen before quitting time). Tom is home, but he starts working again next week (from home). So he can’t watch someone else’s child. The K teacher said specifically that the other kid could ride the bus home with her… WEIRD.

  • jvergin

    I can’t believe how soon that baby is coming! You need more time!

    And I know, they never say what they are doing. A full day can be broken down into 30 seconds by my 6 year old.

    • Brandy

      I really really really need more time! Tom started putting together the Honest furniture today. So at least that’s something. I still don’t have like… a swing. Or a crib mattress. Or unpacked baby stuff. Or bottles. LITTLE THINGS.