Meet Baby!

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And we’re back! If you’re into baby photos, here are some of our latest addition!


This giant child was born on Friday, 10 pounds 3.4 ounces, and 23″!  I am 4’11”.IMG_5168

He looks exactly like my other kids.IMG_5169And we love him like crazy!  No super special birth story for you. Just a repeat c-section early Friday morning, I got discharged Sunday morning (I’m so fortunate that I recover quickly!). I tried doing laps around the hospital Saturday night to convince them to let me go, but alas, against policy. (I really really hate being in the hospital). Once I came home I got some very glorious sleep and we’ve been busy around the house and getting to know our new little guy. Like my other kids with distinctive names, I’ll just be using an initial with him, and he’s F. Actually a double F – FF O’Grady!  We didn’t name him until Saturday night, though we were pretty certain of his middle name, the first name didn’t seem right, and suddenly I recalled what I would have named A if she had been a boy, and it was just perfect.


I’m crazy swollen from all the surgery fluids but that’s pretty much the only thing bugging me right now (that and I’m so swollen I’m still having trouble using my hands, which is why I haven’t been posting!).  I promise that I have some serious reviews in the queue and we are going to get down to business. Because this guy LOVES to sleep (oh thank you!) and there’s nothing better than hanging out with fun stuff and a baby snuggled on you. We are so super happy!


And yes, besides the age differences on my kids, they could have been triplets. My husband would question whether he played any part but they all seem to have his ears 🙂


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  • Tiffany (@Tiffanyblogs)

    Yay baby!!!!

  • Mabel

    Congrats, oh the smell of babies…Awww he is adorable! : )

  • Thaty

    What a cutie!! Congrats on your cute baby 🙂

  • Nicole M

    I’m so glad you posted pics. So precious!

  • anne mccowan

    Congratulations on the new baby boy!

    • Brandy

      Thank you!!!!!

  • Tabitha

    Congrats on the new little “bundle of boy”!!!

    • Brandy

      Thank you!!! We are so excited!

  • Sylvia

    Awwwwwww, congrats Brandy! Baby F is a cutie pie! Enjoy!! xo

    • Brandy

      He is also a great cuddler! Thank you!!!

  • Dawn P

    Congratulations to your and your family. The baby is beautiful!

    • Brandy

      Thank you Dawn!!!!

  • Senny

    what a beautiful family! congrats!!

    • Brandy

      awwww thank you!!!!

  • melissa

    Beautiful baby! Congrats and very happy for you!

    • Brandy

      thank you!!! he’s a heart melter!

  • Jenny

    Congrats!!! I’ve been waiting to see the news. He is so cute. I know bit boys too my N was 10lb7oz. LOL you would never know it now. I think the bigger ones love their sleep and that is the best gift ever. I can’t wait for more pictures.

    • Brandy

      yeah i need to flood instagram! E was 10 lbs 0.3 oz and 21″ and now he’s slim & trim and not really all that tall. it’s more like where they are at 2 years old. although i’m happy for all my kids that they should be taller than me!

  • Michelle L @ Baby Bump Bundle

    congrats ! so exciting !!

    • Brandy

      i know! he’s such a sweetheart 🙂

  • boxesfordays

    OMG SO ADORABLE!!!! 🙂 You and your family are just so cute. 😀 So glad to know that both you and Baby F are doing well! (also I’ll have to laugh if F stands for Franklin, which is my baby brother’s name haha)

    • Brandy

      the most adorable!he’s hanging out on top of my forearms right now. the best way to blog 🙂

  • Jill

    Congratulations!!! He’s adorable! and love the kid pics!

    • Brandy

      they are SUCH good older siblings!

  • chris

    Congrats! So happy for you! Beautiful family.

    • Brandy

      thank you!!! i never expected such a large family!!

  • robyn

    Yay congrats! Your family is so beautiful!

    • Brandy

      thank you!!!!!

  • Sherry Godat-Jackson

    Man, that was fast. It seems like the other day you announced you were pregnant! Congrats to u and family.

    • Brandy

      so fast and now i cannot even imagine this guy not being here!!!

  • Kelly Ross

    Congratulations, Mom! He’s so sweet!

    • Brandy

      thank you!! and hey, guess who’s box showed up here!

      • Kelly Ross

        Yayyy!! How has his first week been?

  • Beeju

    Awwwwww, congrats on the new baby! You have such a beautiful family! <3

    • Brandy

      thank you!!!!!

  • Cindy Lupica

    Wow! 10 pounds plus!! You’re a trooper Mrs. O’Grady. He’s gorgeous and your other two are adorable. Here’s wishing you the very best!!!

    • Brandy

      yeah they were all 10 pounders. it’s terrible at the end but totally worth it!

  • Karen

    Congratulations! !! Happy to hear all is well.

    • Brandy

      thank you!!!! we are doing GREAT!

  • Diana Garza

    I just happen to pop in to your blog today and saw the adorable pictures! Glad to hear you are recovering well – hope the swelling goes down soon! Love all the pictures – your family is beautiful! We need to see some pictures of you and Baby F! ❤️

    • Brandy

      swelling is finally lower today after a whole week of it getting worse every day. that’s because i slept for 8+ hours flat on my back. and also A missed her school bus. totally unrelated!!! mommy is still way too puffy for photographs. no cameras please!

  • Lisa (@GirlMeetsBox)

    So so so happy for you! He’s adorable! I love the newborn stage. Hope he remains a good sleeper! And I need to know his name too!

    • Brandy

      yeah he’s doing pretty good. and will be a knockout champ once his days/nights are sorted!

  • Erin

    Love Love LOVE

  • Lindsay

    Congrats! He is beautiful! Enjoy that sweet babyhood!

  • Sheri H

    Ahh, so precious! Congratulations!!

  • Melissa Y.

    He is beautiful! Congrats!!

  • jvergin

    Ahhhh, congrats!!! I need to know F’s name!!!

  • Wendy

    Yay, baby! Congrats! (In my mind the F stands for FabFitFun, FabKids, or Fancy Box. FabFitFun O’Grady has a nice ring to it.) 😉

  • Jenn @ hellorigby!

    Aw, yay! Congrats and welcome to the world Baby F! 🙂