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OMG we’re moving in three days! And I start my new job in 4 days! My life is totally insane! I love it!  Everyone has seen fit to remind me that we’re moving someplace colder than here, so I did a ThredUp order the other week!IMG_4448

I thought my haul wasn’t too bad – a Gap coat, a sweater dress, a sweater, and a spiderman shirt thrown in for around $50. I did a big MoxieJean order last night full of cold weather baby stuff.  I’m basically stuck in fall clothes shopping mode and I cannot get out. I just got a surprise $20 off $50 Sears rewards points. What do you think I am going to do with that?

I tried to buy a pair of Tieks last night, and that didn’t quite work out. I wondered to myself who buys $100+ pairs of shoes anyways and realized that was totally me. I don’t own a pair of shoes that cost me less than $100.

My pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel is seriously bad and I cannot feel either hand in the morning. I should have written reviews last night. My hands feel best when they are behind my back and those two things aren’t compatible!

I have NO idea what’s still coming to this address, but according to FedEx – which isn’t updating – I’m getting screwed because all the Citrus Lanes shipped before we could update the address and Popsugar is super duper slow. I’m going to spend a fortune in postage due. I do know I have quite a few things waiting for me at our UPS mailbox in Pennsylvania.

Oh yeah, my loan is approved for our new house! Hooray! We’re moving in August 29, and yes that does mean there are 2 weeks in between that we’re without a place to live. For various reasons related to availability and cost, we are staying in three different places. It’s going to be exciting?

Back for more later when I can use my arms better!

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  • jvergin

    Ahhhh, how are things going today?? I have been thinking about you guys!

    • Brandy

      We are still on the road! We left really late because it took forever to finish everything! I’m at the large & useless point and just get tired! Two week vacation from packing/unpacking!

  • Diana Garza

    Wow! So many new exciting things coming your way!!

  • Jenny

    Oh wow that move is really coming fast. I mean I knew you were moving but it seems to have snuck up on me. LOL So excited for your new house. It will all work out and you will be so happy once you are all in. Just take your time and go with it.

    • Brandy

      It’s coming SO super fast! I need to start keeping a notebook of everything I want to do. You really cannot do everything at once (it would cost a fortune!). What I need ideas for, what I need to find, that sort of thing. I really need to switch the utilities! And get estimators out for the fence. It’s a partially fenced yard for a totally unknown reason. But it needs done first thing. Another thing I really want are pull out under sink baskets for the kitchen. LOL it’s one of my HUGE pet peeves, always such an ungodly mess down there. Everything at “bending level” has been really bad. So I need a notebook. But we have to finish packing first, swing by ikea for something that came back in stock JUST in time, so many things to finish! I’m so excited!