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3/9/15 – CAN SOMEONE PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT telling me why you are on this old post/what you searched for??

Have you followed my Instagram? I have an extra July Popsugar box that I totally need to give away! So go ahead and follow me there. I’m not sure yet what those two things have to do with each other. FYI Popsugar is having a TODAY ONLY Flash sale – if you need that Michael Stars hat, pick it up for $24 here!

I am really stressed out by EVERYTHING this week.  Especially back to school shopping. Like REALLY stressed. Which is stupid, because we don’t even need to buy school supplies! I talked to my daughter’s school this week and the PTO buys all of them. Score. (Seriously I know I have just become the luckiest mom ever.)

Do I need these things? Can someone with actual school kids tell me? (the labels)

I’m a total wreck when it comes to the clothes shopping! I went to JCP yesterday and redeemed a $10 reward certificate stacked with a $10 off $25 coupon and I also used a $10 off $10 coupon (two transactions). I got 2 shirts and a blouse and a dress. I figured I can pair most of those with jeggings, right? But my daughter has only one pair of sneakers, so I have to do that too. And then it’s going to get cold. REALLY REALLY COLD WITH LOTS OF SNOW. Almost Vermont levels, but my in-laws don’t like in PA, so I’m ok with it. Mind you my child has a closet packed full of clothes that I have deemed not OK for school! Fall/Winter situation may be better though.


Oh and my little dreamers are lobbying hard for a Disney World trip. Which we’ll probably do after Christmas.  It will be insane but we’ll be in Florida anyways. I just thought this was so sweet. It came with a whole soliloquy on fireworks.

I won a personalized kids book in the Plum District Back to School Sweepstakes! I didn’t enter last year, for some unknown reason!


  • I am taking my Macbook Air in for trackpad repair. It’s been broken for a month and I have no idea how I’m still working on it.
  • Munchpak has a new website and my code MOMMYSPLURGE will now get you $3 off!
  • My Ipsy Giveaway winner for July racked up 8000 points. Go enter for August! Heck, check all the giveaways!
  • It looks like I’m going to get a UPS mailbox to shift my deliveries for August. Have  I mentioned that for 2 weeks before we close on the house we are staying in a cabin, a motel, and a residence inn? OMG! At least I don’t have to make breakfast for the first week of school? Thanks Marriott!
  • PijonBox is offering fall semester (4 boxes) for $49. I’m thinking about re-upping! I won’t be a grad student but I’ll be a faculty member! That counts, right? Have I mentioned I won’t be writing a gazillion reviews a day?
  • I am having a TERRIBLE time managing my email. All of it. I give up. I think I should just archive all of it so I can pretend I have an empty inbox?

I’m linking up with Thursday Thoughts with Jennifer! I have demanded that she decorate my new house because we buy all the same things anyway (blue ikea raskog cart, upholstered headboard, blue mason jars, etc.)  Jennifer, you can just come for Thanksgiving, there’s a game!


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  • jvergin

    Oh is the MSU-PSU game at PSU this year???? I’ll help decorate!

    You for sure need labels for school. Lunch boxes, book bags, jackets, scarves hats, boots, etc. all need labels.

    • Brandy

      dangit, i was all set NOT to get labels. yes i looked it up, it’s at PSU, thanksgiving weekend. i know this because i already “lamented” to my husband that his parents won’t be able to come for thanksgiving.

  • Jennifer Pittman

    I didn’t know that anyone didn’t have to pay for at least some school supplies! I always had to growing up and I do for my kids too – even in preschool! Oh well, I stock up on all the sale items when they are like a 25 cents each! Great for donations too – which are asked for too.

    • Brandy

      i am sure i will pay for it in fundraisers. hoping they have a “write us a check and we won’t ask you to fundraise” option. but according to jenny this is common in pennsylvania (not paying for school supplies).

  • disabledmommyof2

    Hopefully the boys and I will be going to Disney World in August. A free trip from a friend.

    • Brandy

      that would be so exciting!!!!!

  • Jenny

    I remember when we first moved to NC from PA and they told my mom she had to buy the school supplies. LOL she was like What? of course we are very used to it now. I’m also going to say no to the labels as cute as they are. I know with N in kindergarten last year and 1st grade this year most supplies are community supplies so you don’t label anything. We just send it in in a big bag and they store it in the closet until needed. The only thing we labeled are his headphones as they don’t share and his art shirt hmm speaking of I need to send one of those in for him tomorrow. 😉
    Well you know who to hit up when you want Disney help 😉 The 2015 rates are out which is how I spent most of my yesterday. So fun so fun and I get to live vicariously though everyone elses trips until I get to take my own. BTW don’t you love when the kids start really going into something they want? N has decided he needs an XBOX1 or a PS4 for christmas and has been learning all the stats about each one and the good and bads and really working on M. I think he has even impressed him with all the knowledge about the systems.

    • Brandy

      Ok good, because I just spent $80 on 2 pairs of shoes. GAG. I normally buy in advance but we’re out of shoes. My daughter wants a scooter and roller skates, I should have her start to research that, it’s a great idea. We are going to go I think the week after xmas and also either the week before or after Easter. Just because we’ll already be in Florida, I know they are the WORST WEEKS! email me about post-xmas week. I *really* want to go before xmas so we can do the xmas things but I don’t know how feasible it is with work. Tom on the other hand, probably needs us to go before Q4 close. We won’t be FL residents anymore. SOB.