Treatsie Box – Free Box Coupon – Last Two Days! (?) + May Treatsie Review

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IMG_5199 First of all, I hear that the Treatsie free box code expires on June 15. Please use it now, you’ll pay $4.95 shipping and get a free box. That’s a super cool way to try out a new subscription! Use code FIRSTBOX44 to subscribe and get your first Treatsie box free. Second of all, I subscribed back in May, got a shipping notice, and I realized 2 nights ago nothing ever came. I sent them an email about it and they apologized – some of their boxes got misplaced by USPS. They immediately sent a replacement – for my free box – of an astonishing amount of goodies. And they overnighted it. Let me be clear – the email address I used to subscribe to this box has nothing to do with my blog. They have a Facebook sign in option and I was super lazy and used that instead of making an account. From speaking with others I understand that this level of customer service is not out of the ordinary with Treatsie! I nearly always stay subscribed to a box with a free box offer for several months, because as a blogger I think it’s the right thing to do to support independent companies. In this case, I’m also staying subscribed because of the remarkable customer service.

The Subscription: Treatsie The Description: Get sample boxes of high quality, artisan candy every month. Buy more of these artisan-produced confections right from Treatsie after sampling. The Price: $15 + $4.95 shipping per month The Coupon: Save $5 off your first box with coupon SUBSCRIBE5 . Unknown exp. Use the coupon FIRSTBOX44 to get your first box freeeeeeeeee! Just pay shipping! [Expiring June 15] Also, save half on the new chocolate bar subscription box! Use coupon CHOCOBOX50.

May Treatsie Review

IMG_5200 Each box includes amazing artisan sweets from 3 – 4 small, independent vendors, which change every month, and has a retail value of $20 – $25 before shipping. This is where I admit that I don’t have a normal box to show you, because they loaded me up with full size items. Please visit my friend Amanda’s review of the May Treatsie box to see actual sizes! IMG_5202 Um, I’m pretty sure this is not a tasting box. I will tell you below what sizes you would have actually received! IMG_5207 Subscribers got 3 sample bags of CC Made caramel corn, at an approximate value of $6 total. This is more like $32 of gourmet caramel corn. I hope they lose your box, too.IMG_5204 Willamette Valley Pâte de Fruits ($3) There were three in the regular box. These were neat little jellys that were really more like a solidified preserve (they’re vegan, so they use fruit pectin). I fantasized about a hot english muffin and squishing one of these in between the two halves. I really did. I’m doing it.IMG_5205 Serendipity Confections Butter Caramels (subscribers received 2 Sea Salt caramels for a $3 value). They were creamy & delicious!

I only came up with $18 for the value, not the $22 that was on the card, so I’m not sure I’m entirely right on the popcorn, but I was pleased with it anyways. With treats boxes you just have to realize you’ll get about the value of the box plus pay for shipping. You are just not going to get twice the retail value on gourmet/artisan food products. Remember, I’m showing photos of what I received. This was more than necessary, they could have just pushed my subscription to the next box and I would have been perfectly happy with it.

Visit Treatsie to subscribe or find out more about this box!


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  • Ashley

    I just got my first box yesterday… not happy at all. I got two things of popcorn (same as May’s box apparently), FOUR small tins of hard candy (!!??!), and a bag of average tasting chocolate caramels. Thinking about cancelling after reading so many negative reviews…

  • Beeju

    “I hope they lose your box, too”

    Lol! Mine was lost too, and they gave me 2 vanilla bean caramels as extras for it. Those were amazing! Totally jelly of the CC made tho, that is some wonderful popcorn.

    • Brandy

      Yes, and I don’t think I’ve tried any of the flavors. I want to eat them but I want to save half of each for my husband and it’s so humid, that I’m attempting to exercise actual self control for once.

  • Lynsey

    I also subscribed with the free box deal and mine funnily enough got lost in the mail too. They just sent it out overnight shipping after I inquired about it and I only received 3 of the gummy things and 3 popcorns and the salted caramels, not impressed

  • Gina Germane Gallagher

    So funny – I subbed for the first time with the free box deal in May and my box got “lost,” too. How does that happen? Anyway, I just received my replacement box, which contained the normal sub amount of the monthly treats and a different apology gift – some huge and delicious chocolate bars! One of the bars was cinnamon and brown sugar flavor, and I’ll definitely be ordering more of that. I don’t remember the other flavor – I devoured it so quickly. Overall, I really didn’t like that i had to track down my first box, but product quality and CS were excellent and made up for the snafu, so I will continue this sub.

    • Brandy

      Here’s what I think what happened – they delivered all the boxes to USPS (because they paid for the shipping, etc). And a stack of them were swiped before they were scanned in. Not surprising given contents. I’m guessing they don’t have a mechanism to track down lost boxes en masse, and that’s not unusual, even Amazon doesn’t do that.

      I think I got the large amount of the sub treats because they didn’t have smaller sizes left of the caramels & popcorn. I really don’t have any sort of elaborate tracking system, sometimes I see something about a box and think to myself oh yeah, shouldn’t I have gotten one of those?