Thursday Thoughts

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What’s up everyone?! Dad’s home and I’m in the middle of nowhere, just overnight, and heading back home tomorrow night. Do you hate when blogs that you read suddenly seem like nobody is home? If that has sounded like mine for the past two weeks, I’m sorry! I’m actually giving a great big talk in the morning and have been working like mad to prepare for it.

My thoughts for today….

  • my face is super oily and my face can NEVER be described as super oily! TRAVEL. hmph.
  • the TSA really sucks. people traveling with kids go through the metal detector, but not pregnant ladies. So I got a pat down. and then was told i had explosive residue on me. so they had to check all my stuff and give me another patdown. fortunately i didn’t beep again. i think the first lady contaminated her gloves. it took over half an hour.
  • after the ordeal i was SO HUNGRY I WAS GOING TO DIE so i ate a double bacon cheeseburger and fries from five guys. YUM.
  • i didn’t want to carry my little bag up the steps of this turboprop airplane because i was afraid i couldn’t balance it, and then they lost my bag. seriously. it finally came out with the checked bags.
  • The hotel check in clerk took one look at me and apparently assigned me a handicapped room. I’m not that big yet, am I? 🙂


  • My hotel bathroom doesn’t have a fan. It was…moist. I propped the door open 🙂 But great toiletries as promised!
  • Tomorrow is Julep day, and I’ll miss it. SO SAD. Ok, I’ll post something about it at night. But here’s the sneaky peeky anyways! Julep Bare Body Milk! A lightweight lotion with milk thistle extract, olive oil, grapefruit oil, and citrus peel oil. And it will smell like Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil! Whoop! I’m totally getting it. I hope everything is still not sold out at night!

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  • Theboxqueen

    Brandy seriously that sounds like such a difficult day. I feel for you lovely lady, hope you are more relaxed and comfy right now. How come they thought you had residue on you? Half an hour of pat down would seriously be no fun at all. On a more positive note the toiletries do look wonderful 🙂 Have a much better Friday and talk soon! XO, Elif

    • Brandy

      it was a LONG day and yesterday was even longer! when i was done i went back to the hotel, sat on a couch and snooze, ate dinner, and then took my flight back home! i think the residue was because the agent contaminated her gloves. there wasn’t anything on my bags or on me for the second patdown. they are very sloppy with the way they do things.

  • Shannon Naugle

    Ugh, traveling while pregnant is not fun. I went to Europe while I was 20 weeks pregnant. It was really interesting comparing US airports to European ones. They wouldn’t let me go through the metal detector in Milan, nor did they give me a pat down. But I don’t think their security is quite so strong either. Good luck on your talk!!

    • Brandy

      i know. the EU is so much more health conscious than we are!

  • jvergin

    I can’t wait to smell that BodyMilk! And I am dying about the airport. I got the “special” patdown once because I had some contraband in my carryon. That would be baby pouches. LOL. They were like you can throw them away or get the pat down. Umm, pat me down and give me those pouches!

    • Brandy

      I got two special patdowns! On the way back there was no backscatter machine so I didn’t have to opt out. What happened to just opening everything and testing? So inconsistent and totally annoying.

  • ampidala

    B, I’m laughing so hard over here right now! Haha! Can not wait to hear about more of your adventures! xo

  • Diana Garza

    I hope the rest of your trip goes well!
    Also, I have to say that double cheeseburger sounds so incredibly good and I don’t eat meat!!

    • Brandy

      It was sooooo good. I used to be a vegetarian, for quite a few years. I couldn’t live without red meat anymore. Isn’t that weird of me?

  • veritazy

    Newly discovered your blog! What an adventure.
    And I love a good set of hotel toiletries too~ <3

    • Brandy

      the way back home was MUCH less eventful!

  • Tabitha

    Please tell me the part about explosive residue was a joke… How would you pick that up?
    The meal after the pat down sounded heavenly though. 🙂 Might need to make a trip to Five Guys this weekend.