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Are you a So You Think You Can Dance fan? I totally am. I have watched every single episode ever and I’m so sad it might be their last year. BOO HOO. Did you see Marie Poppins last night? She’s a female French popper and she just had such an awesome unique feminine and artsy style. I loved her!! Watch her in the videoooo! Plus Sade.

Why are all the actors from the OC total superstars and why is Mischa Barton well, just sad? I don’t think she’s had any more troubles than the average star.  I mean… she’s not Justin Bieber.

What are your feelings on dropping Roman Numerals from the Super Bowl Logo? I kind of think it’s a little sad, plus Super Bowl L is sort of funny. But really, haven’t there been really long super bowl names where they could have just switched then? Like XLVIII? (That was the one we just had). Like why now, when we’re just around to plain old L? I guess it’s sort of like when you realize that naming your operating system after large mountain cats or whatever is kind of stupid because you have a new operating system every year.

IMG_4875ttCan I say right now I’m over spoilers? Ok not really at all, but it feels like the only thing I’ve done for three days straight are spoilers! Here’s something I actually received in the mail! Phone Case of the Month! I’m not in love with it like I was last month’s, but it’s still pretty darn swell. Fun feathers!


My kids are adorable (evidence – this lovely gift my daughter made me!). But they are little stinker butts! Every night I hear squealing and giggling and E has gone up into A’s bunk! I need to make it stop! Right now! Also it’s kind of a stinky stinker to go steal all the wrapping paper but I love her SWEET HEART so much I don’t care one bit! She makes me melt. Like this child totally drives me crazy because she is exactly like me but so much a better person and that makes me feel like a great mom! Even though I think it’s all her dad’s fault 🙂


Adorable. (Activity from May’s Kiwi Crate box). She loves getting dirty. And painty. I ran out of tablecloths. Time to hit up Jo-ann for some fresh ones.

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  • jvergin

    I love that case! Mine ships in the second batch and I want it like now. LOL!

    • Brandy

      will trade case for ketchup. hahaha. candy not included.

  • Christeen

    Okay, first I have a love/hate relationship with spoilers. I want to be surprised, but I can’t stop myself from reading the spoiler posts. I just need to know. Second, your children are adorable. I love how you let them do the crafting themselves, mess and all. It’s great! I wish I could do that, but I just don’t want to clean up a huge mess. I’m working on it. Third, your little one wrapping up stuff to give you, so sweet. Mine just did that. She opened the closet, grabbed a new roll of christmas wrapping paper and proceeded to cut it up and wrap up her stuff. The roll cost $4 and she had a blast. BTW, I really enjoy your blog. : )

    • Brandy

      Well, it’s nice to have the spoilers because instead of the “track record” sometimes you get a chance to pick up a box knowing what’s in it. a huge part of the delight for me is getting everything SO cheap. And without having to shop for it myself. Most often when I find I can’t use something it goes in the gift closet and I didn’t have to shop for a single present last year!

      Well, I did set that one up for her – we calendared all the Kiwi Crate Explore magazine projects (so much better than the explore more cards. SO MUCH!). But ummmm, she will do things like sneak out all the things she needs to paint while I’m doing something else and then all of a sudden there’s paint EVERYWHERE! My son enjoys the structured craft projects now – a lot – but I don’t think it will ever be his thing where he feels compelled to create daily. She does for sure. She is just always ON and sometimes at night when she can’t sleep we do a craft project.

      I saw some clearance wrapping paper at Costco the other day. If they still have it next time I am picking it up, because she’s gone through most of it.

      We just finished having a spa day (E is at school). We took a shower and now are eating tropical snacks wrapped in our turkish towels!!

  • Kati

    My kids love to cuddle together too! The giggling means they aren’t sleeping but it’s so dang cute! We are lucky they want to giggle together! I hope they always giggle together! Good luck separating them momma! haha