Totally Tuesday! Would you spend $250 on face cream? POLL!

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Y’all I cannot believe it, my Allure Beauty Box comes today! SQUEE! In preparation I totally made sure to finish my final assignment for school last night and my degree can now be officially conferred on Sunday! Woo. I’m not going to go, I don’t have anyone to watch the kids. I think we’ll go out for dinner/burgers instead. My munchkins deserve it!


Could you do me the HUGEST Favor? My favorite burger joint is having a contest, and I totally want to win free burgers for a year! Vote for me in the Elevation Burger Cup Wars contest. Pretty Pretty Please! You only have to vote ONE TIME and they are the best burgers! I would be so grateful! And yes that is actually my 5 months pregnant belly. Have I mentioned that I get absolutely gigantic when I’m pregnant?! It grows straight out! Help me feed it with free burgers! MMMMMMMM.

I had some search results for “mothers day glossy box complaints” and you guys, if you didn’t get it in time, that totally blows, someone in their shipping department seriously messed up, but if you didn’t automatically get glossydots added to your account, email them about it!

I totally forgot to share this one with you earlier.


I saw it and was totally like EXCUSE ME! It’s Sisleya Global Anti-Age Cream if you can’t read the photo. And it’s normally $475 at Nordstrom. I just can’t. Would you?

[polldaddy poll=8043046]


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  • Karen celiga

    Ok. My instinct was hell no. But if my doctor had a lotion that got rid of my wrinkles and made me look twenty again. I would. I hate it but I would.

  • Iris

    Voted for you! 😀

  • Jennifer at Momsgotmail

    Must eat hamburgers….:) And you should have had 3 options on your poll. 1) yes 2) no 3)NFW

  • Erin Hamm

    I voted for both! No way would i pay $250.00 for face cream, no way! I wouldn’t buy it even it it would keep me looking like this forever. People are supposed to age and I would rather spend $250.00 in Disney

  • Tabitha

    $250 for face cream…um, no. Has it been tested and proven to immediately stop the effects of aging? Doubt it…don’t think I could ever imagine paying that price.
    I’ve heard great things about Elevation Burger…I think there was some kind of special about them on one of the food or travel channels. There is not one remotely close to me though. I totally want to vote for you but I don’t have a facebook acct. 🙁 Hope you get your free burgers!!!

    • Brandy

      We love it! Whenever you see me mention going for burgers or see photos of the kids eating them, that’s where we are! There’s one in our mall! They have really great fries too. If we weren’t there on Sunday I might justify it today. I’m getting hangry! About to go pick up kiddo #2 from the bus then make lunch.

      And about that face cream, oy. I’m tempted to get it just to do a real review. If it doesn’t work I can take it back! #ILOVECOSTCO

    • Brandy

      and p.s. thank you for wanting to vote even though you don’t have fb! i will make it its own standalone post soon but I just entered. Wooo!