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Obligatory Rain Photo. YUCK. I think today is supposed to be nice after our torrential downpour. Thank goodness! I’m going to be updating with first of the month box news today and then we are out the door! But NOT before I finish this amazing Nordstrom GWP deal. I’m posting it separately. It will be up after the kiddo gets on the bus!IMG_2969

I’m obsessed with QVC lately. I flipped it on and they had Nicole Richie! Like not just her clothes, actually Nicole Richie. I thought it was neat. Tomorrow there is this One-Day Deal! tarte Supersize Brazilliance Self-Tanner, Mitt, and Towelettes. (This link I think just goes to the Today special Value). I just got some of the Brazilliance in a trade so I need to try it out right now! I think it’s going to be awesome!


I cannot stop with my obsession of this PB Teen Vanity. Cannot. Stop. I need help brainstorming alternatives that don’t cost $2400. This piece of furniture isn’t even my style, but I feel the need to purchase it immediately. I think the thing about this one is that it has two towers with doors that open the right way to the inner desk. But surely I can find something similar/better than doesn’t cost more than a month of rent? I LOVE how tall it is. And I cannot stand anything with doors in the way. Don’t get me started about the washer/dryer combo I have with the doors set up the wrong way. It’s stupid because I have to throw the wet clothes on the floor and then put them in the dryer because the doors are in the way.

Anyways… Ikea Alex Drawer units? And BTW if I had my car here I think we’d go to Ikea every Tuesday. But so probably do all the other stay at home moms in the DMV.

One of my cousins is getting married on Easter (we’ll see if that actually happens… the Easter part, not the marriage part!) in Tampa. So despite the terrible timing for Disney World, I know we have one trip to plan! I’m planning on going home for Christmas, and if we’re all up to it, I’m thinking the week before Christmas will be great, but it is going to be a last minute thing because I won’t go if it’s freezing. #floridianshatecold

Has anyone ever made Jello Fluff with heavy cream instead of cool-whip?

I think that’s all on my mind today!

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  • Jenny

    Oh my that vanity is awesome. I have an issue with doors too. I was very specific when laying out my kitchen which way the doors should be. Of course they did one backwards and I had them fix it. 🙂 At least the kitchen is an easy fix compared to a washer/dryer. Having to touch things twice would drive me bonkers.

    Yea for Disney planning. That is the best part 😉

    • Brandy

      well at least i am not crazy and someone else has a door thing!

      • Jenny

        No my friend has a kitchen where due to the layout you have to take the dishes out of the washer and set on the counter and then close washer to open the cabinet to put away. That would drive me bonkers. LOL I have no idea how she manages it all the time.

  • ampidala

    I think Ikea may have a similar (but not so nice) alternative. $2400 is STEEP, but that is super super NICE! When i come visit we can take my car to IKEA… With 3 possibly 4 carseats…OKAY, that may not work…

  • Kati

    Ugh I have an unhealthy obsession with Pottery Barn. I am not even allowed to look at their stuff because I want it all! But it is insanely expensive. I bought my daughter a bedding set there. It sits in her pretty pink room that no one uses because she prefers her Ninja Turtle bed with her brother. I guess that’s lucky for me because if she let me I’d buy her a whole room of their stuff!