May Love With Food Box Review + Coupon – Deluxe vs. Classic + Spoiler!

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Yum! I got my May Love with Food Box yesterday and we’ve been happily munching along. Although we have a big winner for the Kentucky Derby, the May theme was “Derby Days,” which I just thought was super darling and a great theme to curate a box around!  Unfortunately we’ve had some sort of camera hiccup – my Canon thought this box was so tasty it ate a few photos that I just cannot get back. Boo hoo! It’s ok, I snapped some extras. Before I ate everything 🙂  Also, I should mention that I always go shopping in the Love with Food shop!  I have my eye on quite a few items this month, but last month I picked up the Orchard Blend dried fruit, which my kids cannot get enough of! There was actual squealing heard when I gave them each their own bag!

The Subscription: Love with Food
The Description: Love with Food is a gourmet sampling and discovery subscription box filled with 8+ gourmet treasures centered around a monthly theme. The deluxe box contains 16-20 items.
The Price: $12 (regular) or $19.95 (deluxe) per month
The Coupon: Save $10 Use code YUMMY (all caps!).

May 2014 Love With Food Review – Deluxe Box



Revolution Tea Sampler – Honeybush Caramel, Southern Mint, and Tropical Green Tea – I’m not a tea drinker and even I want to eat that! (1 in classic & 1 in deluxe)


Terre Di Puglia Tarallino Snack with EVOO – This is one of those sort of plain crackers that you can’t help but shove in your mouth over and over. I love the little ring shape! (1 in classic & 2 in deluxe)


Flavrz Tropical Peach – I love Flavrz! I hate drinking my water but love fun stuff to make it easier to gulp down, and this is organic! (1 in classic & 2 in deluxe)


One Potato Two Potato Sweet Potato Chips – I was super excited to get these for some fun snacking. I felt like making some sort of wild dip for them but they were so good and almost… tender? They weren’t sharp and pointy. LOVED THEM. (1 in classic & 2 in deluxe)


Le Caramel Sea Salt Caramels – Love with Food tells me to let them melt in my mouth. I had a really hard time doing that. They were so good I just wanted to eat them up! (3 in classic & 5 in deluxe)


J&M Key Lime Cookies – Y’all do not know the self-restraint I have exercised in not eating these yet. I love them, they’re a total favorite. I may use the included coupon to buy some cheese straws. Love J&M! (1 in classic & 1 in deluxe – cough*nexttimesendtwook?*cough)


Giddy Up & Go Granola  A blend of oats, flaxseed, raisins, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds with other natural flavors, sweetened with natural agave nectar. This actually looks really delicious to me! I love a seedy granola! (1 in classic & 2 in deluxe)


The Spice Lab Hickory Smoked Sea Salt & Italian Black Truffle Salt  – What a fantastic way to experiment with some new salts! Finishing salts are a fantastic way to really enhance the flavor of your dish. I actually taught my daughter this today with some himalayan sea salt ground on top of her buttered chicken & mozzarella ravioli. The flavor difference is truly mind blowing. I will have so much fun with these (I love salt!). (1 of each in classic & 2 each in deluxe)


South Georgia Pecan Company Praline Pecans – I love these, because I just think pralined pecans are so much better than pralines with a few pecans floating around in there. I love pecans. At home we just go outside and pick ’em up. #saltlife (deluxe only)


Bacon’s Heir Malabar Black Pepper Pork Clouds – Can I admit something? Despite pork being absolutely everywhere where I grew up (don’t ask me to detail the variety of pork products at every single local grocery store), I have never eaten a pork rind. I don’t know if this week is the week I’ll start to be honest. (deluxe only)

I thought this was a great Love with Food  box! Will you hold my hand while I try to eat pork rinds? I do have a spoiler for the June Love with Food! It will include Outta The Park BBQ Sauce from Cary NC!  If you subscribe before June 1 you should get this box, and you can go ahead and sign up here. Every box donates a meal to a hungry child – 2 meals donated for deluxe boxes!

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Visit Love with Food to subscribe, find out more, or just go shopping in the shop! Check out all my Love With Food Reviews! Don’t forget to take a look at other Snack Subscription Boxes.


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  • Thanks for the sneak peek into the June Box Mommy Splurge!! We’re biased of course and so excited to share samples of Outta The Park Original BBQ Sauce with Love With Food fans!

  • Beth

    BTW: I’m with you regarding the pork rinds! Still not sure if I’ll try those. Maybe I can find someone who’ll like them.

  • Beth

    Sadly, we only got one of the Key Lime cookie bags in our Deluxe box. My son and I split them and they were really good.

    • Brandy

      There was only one in mine too!