M is for Monster Preschool Learning Subscription Box Review

M is for Monster sent us this box for our review. Hello Subscription may earn compensation via links in this post. Read the full disclosure


M is for Monster is a monthly subscription for toddler and preschool students with weekly activities all revolving around the same theme. Everything you need comes in the box, which is perfect!


The month of April was a spring theme. This subscription box comes with an instruction sheet outlining each week’s activities. There are extension activities online and you can use the week’s activities to inspire more activities at home too!

The Subscription: M is for Monster
The Description: Get four weekly themes for toddler and pre-K kids with 2 to 3 projects for each theme. You will also get the glue, crayons, markers, paint and all the other supplies needed for that month
The Price: $34.95 per month

April Review


M is for Monster came with all the materials and supplies in these photos, even the glue (my favorite – Aleene’s tacky glue!). I was surprised that it came with a book, and I was really excited about that. Although for review purposes we did all the crafts in a couple sittings, I suggest doing them week by week. This is a great low-key learning box for stay at home parents or for parents that want to enrich their kids on the weekends!

Week 1 Rainbows


Rainbow Craft and Letter R CraftIMG_4071

The kids were very proud of each of these! We talked about the letter R and practiced what order the colors of the rainbow are in.

Week 2 Kites


Matching lettersIMG_4077

And numbers! I was surprised that there were enough dots for doing this activity, I had expected to have to reuse them. I was super pleased!

Week 3 Bunnies & Carrots


Line drawing & Matching Activity – Practicing crucial kindergarten readiness skills!IMG_4079


She read the book to her brother, but for younger kids of course you’d need to read it to them. This early reader is perfect for following along.

The kids assembled the bunny, and my son was very insistent on gluing the carrots & tops together and then gluing them on the bunny. I thought it was so adorable. He really loves making paper bag puppets!

Week 4 Flowers


The box came with a pot. a potting disk, a packet of flowers, and another craft. We saved the second craft to do with the flower planting but unfortunately I lost it because I didn’t keep it in the box with everything else. Whoops! The children took great pride in activating the soil and planting the seeds – they had to show dad how they did it!


He was so proud of everything he created in his M is for Monster box! What a fun box and I loved the theme!  I loved how there are new projects every week, and they are just long enough to keep their attention the whole time, but not too long. I get overwhelmed if there are 5 projects for every day! M is for Monster is $34.95 per month and there are toddler and preschool options. With the book and special activities like the flower pot and seeds, I thought it was a great value too! Have you tried teaching your kids at home? I have a craft room of supplies from trying to do that. I love having just what I need to do the activity and move on! I also think everything was perfectly on level, and I had no problem doing the crafts with both kids! That’s always a plus.


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  • Krista

    How old are your kids? Would this be age appropriate for my 2.5 yr old? Like most moms, I think she’s pretty advanced lol

    • Brandy

      I think it’s pretty adaptable to the age. Your 2.5 year old might not be able to count to 16 but might know which has more. I believe that this is the preschool box and you would want the toddler box, which is for ages 2-3!

    • Brandy

      Oh and my kids turned 3 & 5 in December!