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IMG_1706I wish I could say thank you to everyone who has ever served our country. Since I can’t, thank you Grandpa! We love you! We are so fortunate that he made it through so many tours.


The kids decided it was my birthday this weekend and made me (with daddy’s help) an amazing breakfast! Red velvet pancakes with as many candles as could fit! I haven’t taken many pictures at all (weird!)


But we did totally go to IKEA yesterday. I failed to snap a photo of our food carnage. My husband ate everything – everything! And got salmon, crabcakes, tiramisu, etc.  We ended up spending $62 at the restaurant and our $105 purchase got knocked down to $33.  We really didn’t get much. I got the wrong size shelves last time, so we took those back and repurchased them, along with the shoe rack I forgot and a pile of doodads. My son loves picking out things to buy. He picked out candles, shovels, lanterns, and I’m sure more things made it in our basket (many were removed). He’s so funny! My daughter never does that!  I bought a plate for putting meals on for photos. I’m sure you’re excited you don’t have to see my country style corelware any longer.

Some new Memorial Day deals that caught my eye: Free Shipping at Bare Minerals, Disney Store and… that was pretty much it this morning. If you haven’t stopped by for the deals yet, I’d say take a peek at the Citrus Lane and Birchbox Deals below for sure!

Deals Covered Earlier this Weekend

Subscription Boxes

Not-Box Deals

Now for some Monday Mini Reviews!

I’ve had such positive responses about Monday Mini Reviews I’m going to keep them going! Today – Loot Crate & Bluum.

Loot Crate

May Loot Crate’s Theme was Adventure! I mostly stuck around for Zelda, and that’s pretty much all I liked out of this box. However, one of my friends recently explained to me the attraction that children (and adults!) with autism have for Minecraft – she has a son with autism – and I’ll be passing that to her, along with the various paper/sticker doodads from the box. And whatever else I can jam into a Loot Crate for her, she deserves it!

FYI – Save $3 off any subscription with the coupon JUNELOOT.



Dangerous To Go Alone Opener & Pin


Zelda Legend Link T-Shirt ($19.99) Totally Epic. Sorry H, you don’t get this shirt, but your ummm ample bosom wouldn’t fit into it anyways. xoxox.IMG_3261

So sad.

I’m thinking about getting NerdBlock Jr. next month for the kids maybe!


May Bluum Box – for my 41 month old boy. Save half off your first box! Use code HALFOFF .


My daughter loved using these cookies for spelling.IMG_4553

He was so funny 0 he said over and over that he spelled his name. <3 him!

Have an awesome week, Happy Monday!


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  • Boombutt

    Although I know meatballs are one of the easiest things to make sometimes you just don’t feel like it. On that note IKEA meatballs are something I would have tossed in my cart for sure. I really like them. The nearest IKEA for me is at least a hour and 1/2 round trip so I rarely go there. The last time I went I spent about a hour in the bathroom and it is one of the last times I have made the mistake of venturing so far from my own toilet. ha ha While I was in there I couldn’t help but notice how clean they kept the ladies restroom. 😉 I hope you enjoyed your family time.

    • Brandy

      They have great meatballs! I just buy the chicken meatballs at costco and serve them with brown gravy (better than bouillon makes an i think all natural packet) and instant mashed potatoes, because i’m totally lazy & that’s what my daughter prefers. Ours is only 15 minutes away but our car is in VT, so it’s not an all the time thing! Everyone but my daughter enjoys the lingonberry jam with them, but I have a big stash of it. Sometimes I just use cranberry jelly. We ate *plenty* of meatballs yesterday!!! Today we are having ribs & waffles. I don’t know where it came from except from my husband’s food-loving fantasies.

  • Shama

    Hi girls! The girl with The cuddly bandages on her belly is world famous yoga guru Rachel Brathen, @yoga_girl who healed her appendix wounds with the Cuddly bandages. Everything is as you perceive it. They work on even older people too, like grandma or grandpa, everybody needs a friend not only children! I hope you enjoy them no matter how you chose to use them, and I am sure Rachel will be happy that you found her sexy as she was really ill when this photo was taken! 🙂 Shama schwieler, inventor and mother of four.

    • Brandy

      I think the point is that your website says “a new bandaid for kids is born.” It doesn’t say anything about that, and did she have laparoscopic surgery in three spots for the appendix? It’s an odd & out-of-place photo and there is no media mention of that person on your site as far as I can see, no accompanying text, and if you click it, it doesn’t go to her story. Of course people besides children like fun bandages but it doesn’t really mean that a racy shot really goes with the rest of your site (which is yours and you can do what you’d like with it!).

      • Shama

        How was that “a racy shot”? It was three wounds taken care of. The wounded person is a person, and someones child. Mine. My first baby and her first surgery. Your opinion is yours and you see what you see. My daughter spend x days in emergency care due to broken appendix. You see sex in the picture and that is your opinion. It was a wounded child, happy to be taken care of by her mom. Not 4 years old, still someone’s child. And the product can heal anyone who is open for it.
        I wish you all the best and am sorry if Rachel’s wounded belly offended you in some way. We removed it now as I do not want this kind of comments on my children. There is always a person behind you know.

  • Tabitha

    So I had to check out the Cuddly Bandages website after reading your comment and um…yeah, that picture totally seems out of place. Cute cuddly bandages on children to bare midriff with undies poking out…weird! My daughter was looking over my shoulder while I visited the site and was equally confused…she asked if they go on belly buttons, then made a comment that they shouldn’t show that. The truth is spoken by a 4 year old.

    • Brandy

      LOL I know it was *so* weird!!