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My internet is super slow today and it’s driving me absolutely mad! I don’t know if part of it is because my laptop was off all night, but hooray, last time I have to drag it downtown with me! I’m done with my classes and just have a couple things to turn in and I’m done with school. Yippee. So anticlimactic, I’m not even going to my graduation (no, not because I suck, I actually think I have one of the highest GPAs ever for my program). I just don’t feel like paying for a sitter and nobody is coming for it. Which is kind of sad, but it’s my third degree and I can’t even drink!

On Monday my perinatologist practice put me on insulin. I had a cow about that – my previous pregnancies have required oral blood sugar medications, and I was not prepared for it. However, I think between the fact that my post-meal numbers weren’t really a problem, just my morning numbers, and that the whole thing may be caused by a low thyroid (a whole other issue I am currently freaking out about), it was probably a good choice. I took my first shot last night and it was a breeze. Thank goodness. Because I was super stressed about that.

But you know what I’m not down with? The insulin costing $91! I think it might be a month’s supply. What do the elderly do that require it to STAY ALIVE?! I am really upset about the cost of the medication, not just for me, but because I think it’s ridiculous. My testing supplies were cheap as dirt (and they are super expensive off the shelf), so I’m not sure why the insurance companies aren’t covering more of it.   Anyways, I may need more medication if the thyroid hasn’t resolved itself. It’s super stressful. At least my doctors think my diet & exercise are great and didn’t have any changes for me.

So yeah, I’ve been behind, I promised all these reviews and took photos for them, but I haven’t put them up yet, because of husband/doctor/school stuff. I’ll get there!

Our weekend was filled with all sorts of sweetness.  We had awesome basket fillers (Silly Rhino mostly)


Took out our cupcakes (just as great as they were before).IMG_3813

And the bunny left way too much stuff!IMG_3808

We also had a super great time finding our eggs!IMG_3803

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  • jvergin

    Love the masks! And congrats on being done with school!! 3 degrees is amazing! I only went to my undergrad graduation. Not my MBA graduation.

    I don’t think $91 is that bad! What portion does insurance pay? I was on a prescription that was about $1100/month while pregnant! Thank goodness for insurance. I only had to pay $15. I would have been SO screwed without that!

    • Brandy

      my first degree was definitely the biggest deal, my second was up there. i also got drunk as a skunk! if free champagne calls, i come running!! graduation, imo, is not nearly as much fun without the drinking. i am really missing booze. i haven’t been a big drinker in the past few years at ALL (like a couple drinks a year) but when i can’t have it, i have issues!!!

      as far as i can tell, my insurance isn’t covering any part of the insulin, i cannot figure out why, that is the cost per vial! one of my worries is paying all this money, potentially moving, and having to pay it all again. i’ve never ever had to deal with paying any sort of large sum for anything healthcare related! except my teeth.

      i did just get the paper brick from my insurance company (the complete t&c of the health plan), maybe i’ll peruse it before recycling the thing.

  • ampidala

    LOVE the photo of the masks! They are just too adorable! Congratulations on your THIRD degree! So awesome! 🙂