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The Happy’s are here! They’re new interactive toys from Cepia, the makers of ZhuZhu Pets! My daughter has begged for an interactive “pet” for a couple years now and I never pulled the trigger. I had no idea they could be so much fun! We received The Happy’s Pets Bentley the Golden Retriever (MSRP $19.99) plus The Happy’s Pets Chase & Play Tennis Ball (MSRP $9.99) to test out. I have a giveaway for someone to win a The Happy’s Pets for themselves below, make sure to check it out at the bottom of this post!


The Happy’s are interactive motorized toys that use an IR beam to interact with their “treats” that come right with the pet, plus you can get extra toys to play with them, including the Rockin’ Playground.


My children were totally besides themselves as they waited for me to unpack the box (bloggers are SOOO mean, we make them wait!). This was a real treat! I unpacked everything, put in all the batteries (not included with the toys), figured out quickly that there’s a button on the back of the dog, and they were off to the races.


I put these toys on the kitchen floor, but it turned out they worked just fine on our carpet. I was surprised! My son was delighted with the “robot puppy” and he was pretty content to just watch it run around in “explore mode.” Both of my kids kept picking up Bentley and hugging him.

After I demonstrated how to lead the dog around using the treat – you need to press the bone’s button and point it at the dog’s face – my daughter was able to lead it up & down the hall. Which she did for an hour. You can “give” treats from different pets to other pets, so it would be fun to have two or get together with friends that have a different pet! We got the hang of it super quickly.


I let them play with Bentley by himself for a while before putting out the Chase & Play Ball. He totally chased it down and “pounced” on it. It was super cute!


The Happy’s would be really fun for an Easter basket or a spring birthday party! I was surprised how many hours that my kids were engaged and active with these toys and  I loved how much fun we had. The children planned a surprise birthday party for Bentley for the evening and made him special dog treats. Although this toy is being mostly advertised to girls, my son loved it to pieces!

You can also learn the dance in the commercial!

You can enter for a chance to win your own The Happy’s Pet below! There will be more pets available and more accessories later in the year. You can find them at Toys ‘R Us,Wal-Mart,Target, Justice, and Radio Shack.


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  • MARIA simon

    would love to win..precious

  • Anastacia

    I wish I had one for my child she loves animals especially dogs.

  • laura

    I love happys.Thay are so cute