Julep Maven May 2014 Selection: The Fresh Twist Collection + Plié Wand + Free Box Coupon

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Update: See my first May Julep Maven box and Plie Wand Review here! The rest of my box will be coming soon so watch for it!

For May, Julep is introducing the Fresh Twist Collection! Plus our Plie Wands are finally going to be here. Julep made it soooo much better by changing the cap design so as not to require new caps for your entire Julep collection. Caps will still be square. HOORAY.  All boxes will have double Jules this month. If you aren’t a member and want a free intro box, use code FREEBOX to get your intro starter box free! (Pay $4.99 shipping but add $10 in products and get free shipping).

June Julep Maven Changes

Updated June 1: New Mavens can customize their box as much (or as little) as they like. Sign up for 1 month and pay $24.99/month ($4.99 shipping for your welcome box), or sign up for 3 months and pay only $19.99/month (FREE shipping on your welcome box!!)! Take the Style Quiz  and enter FREEBOX at checkout to get your first box free. I totally recommend picking up the 3 month customizable subscription! I am loving being to pick out exactly what I want!

Next month Julep boxes will be customizable. Hooray! My Maven will give you the ability to swap out items from your box – it’s $24.99 per month or $19.99 with a 3 month prepaid subscription. Maven Luxe appears like it will have more stuff – $60 worth instead of the regular $40. It will be $39.99 per month or $34.99 per month on a 3 month prepaid subscription. You can’t customize collection upgrades. You won’t lose your skip privileges if you have them. But you cannot go backwards and drop the customization and just go back to regular Maven. It’s both simple and devastatingly confusing, mostly I think because I have no idea what’s in those Maven Luxe boxes. Stay tuned! Julep beauty is becoming a fave of mine so I’m excited to see what they do.

May 2014 Julep Maven Boxes

There’s actually one more box this month – color crush – because the It Girl box has the Plie Wand. And next month everything goes nuts with super customization options and prepaying for 3 months at a time and (OMG it’s so complicated). Also, Julep Maven is offering the polish lover’s upgrade and the ultimate upgrade box but not the deluxe upgrade box an. Core Classics is once again available this month if you have polish overload.


With the ultimate upgrade you get everything: the Plie Wand + Creativity kit, plus 9 polishes.

With the polish lover’s upgrade box you get all the Maven colors – 9 polishes. The upgrade boxes do not include anything from the new Core Classics Box.

Julep Maven Monthly Boxes

coreclassics_pdp_v3_1 Core Classics Box – If you don’t need polish you can add your wand to this. These are some of my favorite Julep Items!

  • Ta-Da Quick Dry Drops
  • Vanish Cuticle Remover
  • Freedom Polymer Top Coat
  • Julep Essential Cuticle Oil

modernbeauty_1_18 Modern Beauty – Julep is calling it in on Modern Beauty this month.

  • Brilliance Glycolic Scrub
  • Rock Star Hand Crème

boho_glam_1_1 Boho Glam

  • Julep Plié Wand™
  • Jeanne (Boho Glam)
  • Paulette (Boho Glam)

bombshell_1_26   Bombshell

  • Julep Plié Wand™
  • Laree (Bombshell)
  • Saaya (Bombshell)

cwat_3   Classic With a Twist

  • Julep Plié Wand™
  • Maddy (Classic with a Twist)
  • Ramona (Classic with a Twist)

it_girl_5   It Girl

  • Julep Plié Wand™
  • Kam (It Girl)
  • Jules (It Girl)

May Julep featured Add-ons

Every month you can add on additional items to your subscription. Plus, Julep is now shipping your add-ons with your box!! stripingbrush_dottingtool_3 For May, you can pick up a Mystery polish ($4.99), get the cuticle pusher ($7.99), add the creativity kit ($4.99, also in the ultimate upgrade) or extra brushes (various pack sizes).  Also right now, Iona is only available through an upgrade or in the color crush box. As I am 100% confused what happens if you prepaid your box and pick color crush, I’m upgrading this month to be safe because I want to try the wand and there’s double Jules anyways. You can also add-on another profile’s box for $19.99. So if you wanted to pick one up for a friend or whatever, you can do that!
Which Julep Maven box are you getting this month? If you’re not a Julep Maven already you can join up with code FREEBOX to get a complimentary intro box (Pay $4.99 shipping but add $10 in products and get free shipping) and you may cancel any time, but the Maven benefits (free shipping, 20% off) are great if you like polish or beauty products. I can never decide, but Bombshell was easy for me this month! I went ahead and added Felicia and I may remove it later, but I think it’s a fun color for us for Easter. I have learned that you need to get those add-ons in your selection first thing. You can also see all the swatches on the monthly selection page if you need more help deciding

The Subscription: Julep
The Description: Nail polish box and a beauty box. Get either 3 polishes, 2 polishes and a beauty product, or 2 beauty products per month.
The Price: $20 per month
The Coupon: Use code FREEBOX to get your intro starter box free! (Pay $4.99 shipping but add $10 in products and get free shipping)

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  • Meghan

    How does it work when you upgrade to either the ultimate upgrade or polish lovers upgrade? Do you pay the $19.99 + the upgrade price or just the upgrade price? Do you get your box + the add ons therefore essentially getting 2 of the same polishes?

    • Brandy

      It is plus the upgrade price and no you don’t get two. You get what is in the upgrade box list. A lot of people splurge on the upgrade when they gather enough Jules from a couple referrals to friends and taking their monthly boxes.

      • Meghan

        So the polish lovers upgrade would be $19.99+ $44.99 or a total of $44.99? I’ve never done an entire upgrade like this and I swear from reviews I’ve read the total upgrade was around $55.

        • Brandy

          It’s plus. If you see on your screen my monthly box, it says +$25 for polish lovers so it will be a total of $44.99. The other is the ultimate upgrade for plus 55.

  • Senny

    I’m not gonna lie….I’m a little (OK perhaps alot) confused! I do know I prepaid for May so I got the boho glam with the creativity kit add on…I def want a wand!!! However I have NO idea what to do in June just as long as I don’t lose my skip option cause right now I can skip any month I want (however I have only ever skipped once because I am a little Julep obsessed!) I do think customizing would be awesome so I will probably upgrade my sub again as long as I don’t lose my skips but I am am pretty sure I don’t want to upgrade to $39.99 a month. My poor head!

    • Brandy

      Yeah, thank goodness it’s not just me. I am guessing that most of us (as long as the skip option is really preserved) are going to want to do the My Maven and pay 3 months up front at a time. I can control myself to one box, customized, plus an occasional add on when I get to customize – like last month I really wanted a bronzer instead of blush and it wasn’t an option, maybe in the future it would be? But if I did 35/mo I definitely wouldn’t get it every month. It seems excessive. Right now I have this month’s box set to ultimate upgrade because of the extra jules, but I haven’t even calculated it to whether I think it’s a good deal or I was just like, whatever. I was imessaging with Erin ( subscription box mom) this morning and i was just basically like OMG I AM SO CONFUSED HELP MEEEE. When I figure it out more I will definitely be posting.

      I also have a suspicion April may be the last month for free intro boxes but I’m not sure about that yet – I have no information, just a hunch.

      • Senny

        Ok… great I will just wait for you to find out more and explain…lol!