How do you load your dishwasher?

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This totally absolutely cracked me up! I have class Wednesday nights and my babysitter loaded and ran the dishwasher for us (how sweet).  But really?!


I polled a bunch of my friends on Facebook and everyone got all defensive about their dishwasher loading methods (mostly that they didn’t have them and wouldn’t know how to load them). All the dishes on the top rack were on their sides. How do they – and those bowls in the bottom right – get clean? There are prongs there to show you where and which direction the dishes go!

Am I crazy? I might be. The rest of my house is a disaster but at least I can load my dishwasher properly! I just had to share. I couldn’t help it. Why am I so weird about my dishwasher?


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  • tiffanymerritt

    My husband is also weird about loading it. But honestly? I’d just be so darn thrilled if my babysitter thought to do something like this for me that I wouldn’t care how it got loaded! You got a good one, lady! 🙂

    • Brandy

      A lot of my Facebook friends had the same sentiment, but I think they also don’t realize that the rate for 2 kids in suburban DC is $13-15/hr. I think most of us expect a little more. My rule is that they clean up after themselves – no more work for me to do after they leave (and I also expect them to make the children help). I *hate* coming home at 9pm and having the whole place to clean. Most of my sitters are fairly long term and I use them for a couple times a week so we get each other after a while. Once I came home and a sitter had let my daughter stomp raspberry jelly all down our freshly cleaned carpets, didn’t bother cleaning it or putting the jelly away, and let the kids cut up an entire ball of yarn. She was just sitting there. She was not asked to return.But I digress.

      I have issues with my dishwasher.

  • Diana

    My boyfriend and I were having this same discussion. He is a double offender: says that things can’t fit when they can, and I hate that he loads the bowls on their sides. They won’t get clean that way!!! I usually just let him load it, then go back and change the dish configuration afterwards.

    • Brandy

      There’s just a way that everything goes, right?! It’s intuitively obviously if you just LOOK at the prongs! 🙂

  • Sarah

    I am so weird about my dish washer too! everything has a place. Like grown-up Tetris. lol I won’t even let my hubby fill up our dishwasher because he can only get like 10 dished in before he says no more will fit.

    • Brandy

      Thank you, you made me not feel crazy! 🙂