Hazel Lane Kids Little Explorer Box Review + Coupon- Los Angeles!

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Hazel Lane sent along this box for the kids to review! Hello Subscription independently researches and reviews the best subscriptions and products. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.
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Hazel Lane is a subscription box that delivers surprises of geographic interest every month! You get surprises from a new city monthly – In Hazel Lane’s words:

Every Month We Send You A Carefully Curated Box Of Surprise Goodies From The Selected City That {We Think} Represents Its Spirit. For Instance, San Francisco’s Box Was Foodie Focused, While LA’s Was Sun & Health. You Can Anticipate NYC Will Be Fashion-Forward, NOLA Will Be Foodie & Festival & Austin Will Be WEIRD!

I think their explanation makes the most sense! Get a little bit of the soul of each city as you travel around with Hazel Lane! They promise that the retail value of the box will always be greater than what you pay, that they work with emerging brands so there is a true sense of discovery,  and they feature innovative, organic, vegan & sustainable products as often as they can! We were totally delighted to review the super adorable and very fun Kids “Little Explorer” Box. If you get a box for yourself, it will have more grown-up items. I thought this box was super cool, and sent really high quality items that my kids would really use and get a kick out of! Fair warning – I had a ridiculously difficult time keeping their paws out of these photos! You can see the adult version of this box here!

The Subscription: Hazel Lane
The Description: Experience three levels of traveling “chic” from the comfort of your own home. Every month, you will receive goodies from cities all around the globe – food, drink, clothing, handcrafted items chosen by locals!
The Price: $39.99 per month plus $7 shipping
The Coupon: Use code MOMMYSPLURGE to get $5 off your order. Expires 3/31..

Hazel Lane Little Explorer Box Review

Hazel Lane Box
Hazel Lane Box

The box itself was super cute and decorated in a thematic way. Love it when independent subscription boxes can make a plain white box their own!

The box!
The box!

We removed some bubble wrap to peer inside. Just a quick FYI, Hazel Lane swapped out one of the items so my kids wouldn’t fight over socks. Super thoughtful! There wasn’t an information card – the LA post card had a note to me on it!


The standard box contained Museum of Contemporary Art’s Book The Art of Colors ($11.95), a modern art take on color!

She was so excited!
She was so excited!

My kiddo was immediately excited by the bottle. She knew exactly what it was for. I was excited it wasn’t glass.

February Hazel Lane Little Explorers Box
February Hazel Lane Little Explorers Box

This was a cute assortment with items from LA producers/manufacturers, an LA themed story, and something for the LA lifestyle.

Making Water
Making Water

Apparently my daughter’s heart belongs in LA. Because she was all over making cantaloupe water. She drank it and then got a bowl out and ate the fruit. I think I’m going to pick up a bag of frozen strawberries at Costco so she can make some fruit-infused water whenever she’d like!

Richer Poorer Kids Socks
Richer Poorer Kids Socks

Richer Poorer Kids Socks ($7.50 each pair) These are so darling! Richer Poorer is of course a southern California brand and my husband has oodles of their socks. I thought it was great they could match dad. The only thing annoying about the socks is they call them “Father & Son” socks (ahem). Obviously they are for both the children. They are totally LA and I admit that the next time E gets dressed up in little man dress clothes he is so wearing these!

Define Bottle Lite
Define Bottle Lite – Ready for Story Time!

Define Bottle Lite/Kids Version ($15) I loved this because it is not glass! It’s made from a BPA plastic for “active lifestyles” and this size is perfect for kids. My daughter likes the taste of something but she’s no longer keen on juice (which is good, because it’s just sugar). This is perfect, because she does need to get more water in! Define Bottle will be on Shark Tank next Friday (March 14).

Larry Gets Lost in Los Angeles
Larry Gets Lost in Los Angeles

Larry Gets Lost in Los Angeles ($12.57) Larry gets Lost is a kids’ book series featuring a dog (Larry) who gets lost everywhere! It uses the cute story to teach geography & history from a kid’s eye (or dog’s eye) view. I thought this was super cute and I would definitely read one of these books to my kids before going on a trip to one of the places in the series. I took a photo of the Chinese Theatre scene – I think it’s a cute way to get the kids into sight seeing and show them why it’s interesting! My daughter enjoyed reading this book!

The total value of the Los Angeles Hazel Lane Kids Explorer box (with one pair of socks and including the MOCA book) was a hair over $47. I thought that was a good value for these small-produced and hard to find items. The box was extremely well themed, I thought it really had the LA spirit, and most importantly, my children loved every item in it. I wasn’t sure what to expect but this was a box for kids with more grown-up items, and I liked that a lot. My kids are definitely kids, but sometimes their favorite things are something of mine. It takes a lot of thought to select those items in advance (usually on my end it just sort of happens – they claim one thing or the other).

If you’d like to subscribe or find out more about this travel-themed subscription box, visit Hazel Lane! March is going to be New Orleans themed, but FYI, you must place your order by March 17! Don’t forget to use my coupon code MOMMYSPLURGE to save $5 (exp 3/31). If you are on the young spectrum of adulthood, you may enjoy the Spring Break/Festival box instead 🙂 There’s lot’s to check out!


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