It’s Friday!

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For some reason I thought preschool meant I was totally immune to the regular school stuff, but I guess not. My little guy gets to exchange Valentines next week! There are only 6 kids in his speech therapy classroom (they are working on saying each other’s names and “Happy Valentine’s Day” and we are going to practice it at home first!). Fortunately I bought some in my Target Valentine’s Day clearance last year.

I could NOT be more excited about Tara Lipinski (boy did she grow up) and Johnny Weir commentating together for Sochi. You can follow their joint twitter account! Could it get more fabulous? No it could NOT!

Grab Some Now

I think I started a mommy war on my Facebook.  I was asking my friends for ideas what to send in E’s lunchbox and I think it was universally recommended that I pack GoGo Squeez (which I already do, he loves them) and one mom was all like those are treats. And all I can think is, how are these an objectionable food?

I was going to go grocery shopping today, but I woke up with a cold and the kids still have them, so I think we are not going to walk up the hill in 30 degree weather. I’m sure we have plenty of provisions and will be just fine! What’s up with your Friday? Are you watching the Opening Ceremony? I sure am, but I’m going to save it for the kids to watch tomorrow. No need to keep those sickies up all night!


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  • Jenny

    I know we have to do Valentines next week for C too. He picked Phineas and Ferb temporary tatoos. They aren’t allowed to bring any food with his so its all trinket type gifts. N in kindergarten does it too and no candy so he opted for erasers. We are going to bag them and then stamp a cute topper for the bags. Of course I guess we need to work on this soon since his party is Friday. LOL
    I don’t pack N squeeze pouches but that is only because he won’t eat them. I wonder if they would be as upset if you just did an applesauce cup instead which really a little one can’t do by themselves anyway. Ns lunches are so odd he doesn’t like much lunch type food so he takes two pieces of bread sometimes with a slice of cheese and sometimes not, fruit (usually strawberries, grapes and possible apples) something crunchy like pretzel goldfish and a package of fruit snacks. I know crazy but its what he likes and what he eats so thats what he takes. Then we have to pack a snack and he takes a fruit cup each day. I cut up whatever fruit we have here and he takes it. I really kindof wish he ate the squeeze pouches since it would make my morning easier. 🙂

    • Brandy

      LOL it wasn’t the school that’s upset – it was one of my bitchy friends 🙂 I have no idea what her problem was with squeezy applesauce!! He eats breakfast there now so he won’t puke on the bus and he also has a snack time – because they all do because some gets get free/reduced lunch. He leaves at 8:30 and returns at 11:50 and I think it’s nearly 45 minutes on the bus so half of what they do is EAT! They do use it as a learning tool – they have to ask for more, and verbalize what they want, etc. I was just trying to ask my friends (which I will only ask my friends out in blog land from now on!) of ideas of packaged stuff to buy.

      Fortunately our V-Day activity is just so they can practice using their words 🙂 No biggie.

      But ugh! some people! It just really set me off!

  • roboex1013

    Well, I was going to say they may be one of those “fruit is bad because it has sugar” people (I kind of hate those people….) but if they were suggesting other kinds of fruit (and caramel? really?) then apparently they weren’t those people. lol.

    I love the pouches of applesauce. I pack them for myself. lol. I keep food in my bag ALL the time because I have so many food allergies (gluten, dairy, peaches, kiwi, sorghum) that I can’t always count on being able to buy food anywhere (or to even eat free food provided – I work on film sets a lot where food is usually provided but I always pack my own anyway just in case). I try to buy the pre-packaged stuff if possible because its less messy and quicker to eat. Those applesauces are awesome for that purpose.

  • jvergin

    Ha! I pack those in L’s lunches. Listen, some of the moms pass out FUN DIP pouches for valentines and stuff. Applesauce pouches are nothing!

    • Brandy

      Oh lord. Everyone was pointedly suggesting fruit too. (I specifically had asked for packaged suggestions because a) cold/snow/walk/no car and b) ordering on amazon). Like seriously “friends” you do NOT know better than I do. My uncle’s wife was like if you want to take the easy way out.

      Yes, yes I do. No I don’t want to drag 2 sick kids (and I am getting sooooo sick) up the hill in the cold to get groceries. And her version of the best snack was apples and peanut butter or caramel dip.

      For a three year old. Bitches be crazy.