February Love With Food Box Review + Coupon – Deluxe vs. Classic

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Love With Food Box
Love With Food Box

The February Love with Food box is one of my favorites ever! Everything is just so yummy! I think it arrived super quickly this month and I have no idea why, but I’m not knocking it.  The February theme is A Kiss to Build a Dream On – which is like a kiss of chocolate, a kiss of salt, that sort of thing. Flavor enhancing I guess! With every  Love with Food box, a meal (2 for the deluxe box) is donated to a hungry child. I think that’s great! Right now you can get an extra  1,000 points ($10 value) AND $15 gift to ProFlowers or Cherry Moon Farms with a 3+ month subscription to Love with Food plus you can grab your first box for just $5. Use code FB7OFF. I think code YUMMY *might* still be working to save $10!

February LWF
February LWF
The Subscription: Love with Food
The Description: Love with Food is a gourmet sampling and discovery subscription box filled with 8+ gourmet treasures centered around a monthly theme. The deluxe box contains 16-20 items.
The Price: $12 (regular) or $19.95 (deluxe) per month
The Coupon: Get your first box for just $5. Use code FB7OFF.

February 2014 Love With Food Review – Deluxe Box

February 2014 Love With Food Deluxe Box
February 2014 Love With Food Deluxe Box

When I was arranging everything in this box for a photo I was about to die because I wanted to eat everything right away! I also thought to myself – there’s no way I’m breaking down the cost of this box – there’s just too much stuff! I did make a notation in parentheses where items appeared in the classic box!

Emily's Blueberries
Emily’s Blueberries

Emily’s Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberries. These will be so good for a sweet snack full of antioxidants. I wanted to eat them but I refrained because they are in such a great snack bag! (1 also in classic box)

Mario's Snack Olives
Mario’s Snack Olives

Mario’s Snack Olives I was so excited to see these! I just had wished they were the 100 calorie size instead of the 30 calorie size. I ordered a box from LWF right away using my points.  YUM. (1 also in classic box)


Beanitos White Bean with Sea Salt These aren’t my fave things in the world, but I end up eating them! (1 also in classic box)


Biscotti di Suzy Chocolate Chip Biscotti 2 mini biscottis.  Biscotti isn’t my favorite thing – I’d rather just eat a cookie, but if you’d like to pretend that you aren’t eating a cookie for breakfast, have a biscotti! (1 also in classic box)

Crepe Dentelles by Gavottes
Crepe Dentelles by Gavottes

Gavottes Crepe Dentelles So unique and delicious! They’re like caramelized crepes covered in dark chocolate. Very light & crispy. (2 also in classic box)

479 Degree Popcorn - Black Truffle + White Cheddar
479 Degree Popcorn – Black Truffle + White Cheddar

479 Degree Popcorn – Black Truffle + White Cheddar It’s kind of blowing my mind that I don’t hate all this truffle popcorn (I had some in the January Popsugar Must Have Box). Because I really do hate mushrooms. I thought maybe I wouldn’t dig this one because it was black truffle, but it was good. Then again mine had no speckles on it. (not in classic box)

Tcho Chocolates
Tcho Chocolates

Tcho Chocolates – PureNotes™ Dark “Chocolatey” 70% & “Mokaccino” SeriousMilk™ + Blue Bottle Coffee. Sorry, I don’t need to taste the coffee ones to let you know I think coffee in my chocolate is an abomination. I hate the taste & smell of coffee! I’ll save those for my husband and hoard the dark chocolate ones! (1 of each also in classic box)

Guylian Truffles
Guylian Truffles

Guylian Truffles. Love these, they really are luxurious and the effort that goes into making them so perfect is astonishing. (not in classic box)

Back to Nature Honey Graham Sticks
Back to Nature Honey Graham Sticks

Back to Nature Honey Graham Sticks. This is something we order for vacation shipments. They are sturdy and tasty and perfect for dipping. These will be perfect for a museum trip if the kids don’t find them first! (1 also in classic box)


There were a couple coupons in the box but the best one was for Revolution Foods build your own meal kits. Hoping I can indeed find it at Target!

They are: Natural meal kits with nothing but the good stuff: humanely raised meat without antibiotics, nitrites or nitrates; cheese made from milk not treated with rBST growth hormone; at least 7 grams of whole grains per kit; 1 serving of fruit in each kit. I would buy this in a pinch but I know they are expensive! Great inclusion though. Not sure if it was in the classic box.

Bag Clip
Bag Clip

Bonus Bag Clip! Awesome! The kids already stole it! (1 also in classic box)

Loved the February Love with Food. It’s always the first box to disappear from our snack bin.

Visit Love with Food to subscribe, find out more, or just go shopping in the shop!

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  • I never heard of this box before. I’ve had in the back of my mind to start some type of subscription box; it’s good to know that there are companies out there making a living at it. Mine may be more like a “cheer up” type box. Sigh. Another idea of many. Anyway, thanks for the info!

    • Mars

      i need a cheer up box!

  • Carla Bruns (@RealInto)

    I think I may have heard of this before,not sure if it was this one exactly. What a great box! I had no idea there was such a thing as snack olives. I must check this out!

  • Carrie

    I’ve wanted to try this box for a while now – looks like it’s filled with lots of goodies! #SITSblogging

  • Ashley

    So fun! I’ve never seen any of those items. They look great.

  • Carissa

    This looks soooo good!

  • PhaeLea

    Points? I didn’t know you got points with LWF. Do you get them with reviews like Birchbox or just purchases?

    • Brandy

      You get them for reviewing your items and with purchases of the subscription!

    • Brandy

      update – i found this whole long list. i just got a deluxe annual so i used those points. once i saw olives it was pretty much a must buy!
      Deluxe annual subscription – 2000 points
      Deluxe six month subscription – 1500 points
      Deluxe monthly subscription – 20 points
      Tasting annual subscription – 1000 points
      Tasting six Month subscription – 1000 points
      Tasting monthly subscription – 10 points
      Product purchase – 10 points
      Refer friends to join Love With Food – 20 points
      Refer friends to subscribe to Love With Food box – 500 points
      Product taste review (for Love With Food Box subscribers only) – 10 points
      Add a recipe – 5 points
      Sign up with Facebook – 50 points

      • PhaeLea

        Wow! Thanks for going the distance! I guess we need to start reviewing our snacks!

  • Life with Kaishon

    I never heard of this before. I love that the gourmet box helps a child in need! : ) Beautiful. I love all things truffle, so I would totally love to try that popcorn! YUMMY

  • Bev F. (@Linkouture)

    Ooh, this is making my stomach grumble!

  • Bev @ Blogging Inspiration

    Those chocolate covered blueberries look wonderful. But then everything in that box looks wonderful 🙂

  • Brittany

    I love that the “Love with Food” box donates to kids too–that’s so sweet! Looks like this would be a great present for someone.