The Gilded Nut – Small Batch Flavored Pistachios (YUM!)

The Gilded Nuts sent a case of pistachios for my review. I plowed through them with no additional compensation. Hello Subscription may earn compensation via links in this post. Read the full disclosure


The Gilded Nut is a pistachio brand that has been in a few subscription boxes lately, and I thought that it would be great to take a closer look at these yummy gems.  I love pistachios.  I think they might just be the perfect nut (and they are a superfood!). They are nutty (obviously), heart-healthy, and because they have a shell, they take a little bit longer to plow through!  I have a nut addiction (I can also not eat nuts without saying “You’re gonna love my nuts!” over and over). So taking a little longer is a good thing! 


These are so much better than the average nut! The Gilded Nut has made pistachios even more delicious by “gilding” them with different flavor combos.  These are an upscale party nut or an every day nut, depending on your tastes! Shake up the bag, suck off the flavor, and then eat the nut inside. The Gilded nut tumbles the pistachios in high quality olive oil and then coats them in 4 great seasonings.  They are not brined, so you won’t get some sort of crazy insane salt overload. 

Look at all that seasoning! Those are some seriously spicy nuts!
Look at all that seasoning! Those are some seriously spicy nuts!

1 – Original.  This one has a little bit of everything: salt, heat, herbs, and all sorts of spices. Oh, and garlic! So yum.

2 – Mediterranean Herb. I originally received these in a Love With Food box, and I thought they were delicious – and my daughter did too. I love being able to teach her healthy snack habits. The seasoning mix on these – yum! I ate it all.

3 – Habanero. Not a nut to share with the kids! My husband and I really enjoyed these immensely. There is great heat but also great flavor. We say: drink them with a boat load of BEER! My husband had the honors of eating all the spice on this one! Whew!

4 – Salt + Pepper. Did I mention I love salt? I love these! The Gilded Nut delightfully suggests pairing these peppery pistachios with a buttery chardonnay.


Yes you can eat a whole box for just 160 calories and we really made each box last a long time (especially the hot one!). Love the healthy fats and nice protein in pistachios along with the great flavor The Gilded Nut added!

We didn’t have a party to eat these nuts, but if I were serving them at one, I’d put them out with a cheese tray and a nicely paired beverage!  I think the Gilded Nut really improved on the lovely basic pistachio and made them something special. If you want to check out the Gilded Nut or purchase some for yourself, visit them here! You can also request that your local gourmet store or favorite hotel carry them. I hope to see them in even more boxes because they are sooo yummy!


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  • kenziedegen

    I loooove Pistachios too! Would love to blog about more healthy snacks!

  • The Gilded Nut Snack Co.

    Thanks for the amazing review, and always providing great insight on other great products! We’re heading to the Fancy Food Show in SF to meet all kind of other artisan food producers. Will we see you there?

    • Brandy

      No not me! Thanks for the great nuts, they were scrumptious.

  • alena

    I love the packaging! Packaging always sells me!