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MondayDid you watch the Grammy’s last night? I watched/fast-forwarded through most of it. Did you see Pink’s performance? She is so strong! I love her look – she looks like a strong but real woman! I was impressed. I didn’t realize they weren’t sending out a Pink Fancy Box anymore though. BUMMER. Because I was all ZOMG NOW I NEED THE PINK FANCY BOX. But seriously, what did you think of Pharrell’s Hat?

Super brief reminder – enter my awesome giveaways – old ones closing soon & new ones are here! I have another great one coming up later today! Also don’t forget to check out the share your subscription linkup!

I am SO doing the Bath & Body Works deal. I love smelly soap. You get 25% off and free shipping with coupon RMN25 if your order is $25 after the coupon. And an offer for a free 3 wick candle pops up! (And oh yeah, that Illume deal is still going on!). B&BW has a bunch of $2 holiday foaming soaps and then tons of $3 soaps. I am getting 15 soaps – 7 of them are $3 soaps – for $26.25 ($27.83 with tax). Also check out “bundles” under Pocketbac for a holiday foaming soap set. I am WELL aware that the whole school gifting thing starts next year for me and I’m going to be on my clearance game.

Well, as requested in the poll, Orange Glad, Bake Box, and Her Fashion Box (pssst use code HFBLOVE to save a whopping $20 although it may not work any more and they just announced “Her Fitness Box” too!) should all be coming next month. So exciting to try out new boxes! I’m not sure what I’m getting this week at all besides Hello Fresh & my Bespoke Post (I got Heritage)!  Actually I’m certain that Julep will show up this week! I’m super excited about that! Besides that it might be a slow week, which will give me time to catch up! (Every time I think this it’s always totally obscenely wrong.) Oh GLOSSYBOX should show up this week! Also there’s a new special edition coming out officially today!  And February Wantable Intimates should come this week. See I am already terribly wrong.

Erin Condren Accessories
Erin Condren Accessories

I got a mini Erin Condren haul this weekend. I bought the pen holder for my notebook, some extra gold bands, and some stickers just for fun.

My Week
My Week – Husband is visiting this weekend!

I don’t know why except that it’s the start of the week (and yes in real person land the week starts on Monday, I hate having my weekend broken up on a planner), but Sunday night is planner night (I lie, I fell asleep in my recliner and woke up at 5:30 and did this this morning*) and Monday I show my planner! Here it is! Tadaaaa! If you want to check out photos of my planner you can hit up everything tagged Erin Condren. I do NOT have the most awesome amazing most well decorated planner but I *do* have fun doing it. I can tell you that my planner has totally kept me on track! I am loving it. I need to work on my handwriting, but that’s just my normal crappy handwriting.  I also need some sort of color coordination scheme! BTW if you are wondering what the blurred out thing is – that’s my son’s first & middle name. I had stickers done with the kids’ names on them and they just don’t need to be all over the internet. I also need to start planning my kids’ menus instead of being all loosey goosey with it. And writing down when I will take out the trash. It’s kind of a production in the winter so I should plan for it better.

TONIGHT – The Following‘s season 2 premiere is being replayed before they show the second episode. Be sure not to miss it! It’s one of my faaavorite TV shows! You’ll have to stream the first season if you missed it. I love it. LOVE IT.

* I have NO clue how I am actually going to make it through class after having woken up at 5:30 in the morning.  But I have a grocery store trip to prepare for – I tried to convince myself to just order from Safeway but everything costs so much more! I’d rather just suffer and walk to the store.


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  • Jennifer V

    OMG that wasn’t my fault. That was a must buy.

    • Brandy

      It was TOTALLY your fault. I have a smash book I haven’t cracked open and I’m guessing I’ll probably use it more for that than the planner. I need to do some of that today if I have time. HAHAHA.

  • Ally

    Between you and Jenifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom, I feel like I have to go out and buy an Erin Condren planner now!

    Also, I totally concur on loving Pink’s body. She is such a great example of a woman’s body not having to look super thin, or even hourglass… but STRONG! 🙂

    • Brandy

      lol! Posting it makes me actually fill it out and then I actually have to do it. Jennifer goaded me into a xyron purchase today. She was like if it’s less than $10 on amazon you HAVE to buy it. I am like I will never use this thing but ok whatever. Right now I am exploring alternative scrapbooking. I doubt I will stick photos in my planner – some ladies block it out and go back in with their pictures. Why aren’t men compelled to do ridiculous things like this? And also I need ten sets of different thin washi. 😉