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Lots of changes this week for me! My classes start again tonight, my son starts preschool tomorrow (twice a week, for speech therapy), and we are just BUSY! I am interviewing a new sitter in an hour. I’ve had terrible luck keeping the same sitter consistently. The sitter I have this week is taking off for a couple months so we are on the hunt. I have high hopes for the one we are talking to today.

Someone asked about SocialBliss Style Box yesterday. I do not have a review of it yet because I don’t think they’ve sent their first one? I’ve dutifully ordered it. I had to wait a few days for my invitation. I’m pretty excited to see inside of it.

I’m not sure at all what I’m getting this week. Hello FreshPlatedGolden Tote, and I’m not sure what else – maybe Citrus Lane by the end of the week?

Besides boxes, I’ve been working on a few of my resolutions (while trying to hold everything together while we are all sick! So glad I bought case of Puffs Plus at the beginning of the season!). I spent some time the other day filling in my Erin Condren planner. The little piece of paper is from a “tag pad.” and that is to keep my list of boxes I need to review and so I can move it around, it’s stuck on there with washi tape. This thing will look insane by the end of the week. This was just the basics and I think since I took this picture it has twice as much on there!

My week!
My week!

I have also been trying to step up my child-feeding game. I feel like I failed. They eat fish sticks, mac & cheese, and grilled cheese very happily. And fruit. Everything else? Not so much.  I ordered a voucher from Plum District for a year of Momables. I’ve been eyeing them for a while now and when I saw the voucher, I figured why not. I think I’ll end up making one or two of the lunches a week – baby steps! The truth is I have no experience with packing lunches for littles – except my own which I started doing in 5th grade and did ever since. But I always ate everything (besides my usual no-nos of mushrooms, stinky cheese, fish, and anything that tastes like dirt – I’m not a huge fan of raw veggies).  My kids just refuse to eat what normal kids eat. I think they need more consistent exposure and less of the old fall-backs. I’m trying anyways. I just want to provide them with more variety and not spend 50 years on pinterest to do it.

Another issue I have – the kids (and this happens every time we visit the grandparents) think that dessert happens EVERY DAY.  Ugh. It does not. It is a treat. I’m not talking about fruit for dessert, I mean they think they get an ice cream sundae every day!

As for organizing, I set up a 3 bucket system – 1) put back in kids’ room, 2) donate and 3) consign. And of course I have a giant mess on my bed of stuff I have to put away in my room, but that’s my own fault.

Oh and the other thing I need to do – my “year in review” yearbook of all our photos! Do you do one? I do, but I’m terribly behind on it (as in I haven’t started).  As soon as I finish with 2013, I want to make sure that I’m doing each month as it ends, because it really is too much to do at once.

How are your new year’s resolutions going?


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  • bclaire

    I need to work on that whole dessert every night thing, too, haha. I think we underestimate the effects of the food we eat sometimes! I sure do. I didn’t use a paper planner last year but now depend on my EC one. Need to find a way to integrate washi tape like you do!

    • Brandy

      Oh jeez the kids ate all the yogurt today. I have really cut them off (I still haven’t bought our found the phone ice cream). I don’t think I have a chance to hit the grocery store until Monday. It’s going to be slim pickings around here. Cold turkey!

  • Suzanne S

    I am thinking that I need an Erin Condren planner! I love everyone’s!

    • Brandy

      I *love* mine. I am making an effort to write everything down. I have serious mom brain and can’t remember squat. Most of the stuff, it’s just inefficient to enter on the computer. And it’s fun to be a teeny bit crafty and visual with it all without worrying about it. Because it’s a planner!

  • Jennifer V.

    Good luck with your first day of class tonight! B starts school tonight as well! And good luck tomorrow!!!!

    • Brandy

      Aw thanks!! I picked a couple of softballs for this term and I think they will be pretty easy going and fun. Way more stressed about tomorrow. We didn’t do any practice runs today because he was up late sick. Woke up with him in my bed this morning too! I think I need to find an itsy Bitsy ice pack for his snack. They have a lunch period so the kids can get free/reduced lunch if needed so he can have a snack. Which is good because he doesn’t like eating breakfast!