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Time for Thursday Thoughts with Jennifer!

Wooo Florida! It’s hot & gross here but it sure is nice not to wear a coat. I had a blissful child free morning and my kids ran themselves ragged going to the commissary with all the grandparents and then playing outside the entire day! They even forgot about their chocolate advent calendars. How the heck did that happen?!?!

My preggie cousin & I hit up Peppers – cheap Mexican, great grub. We did some damage.

Then we went to World Market. I sound like a broken record but I had a coupon and I had a pregnant woman with me. So we went for treats. I thought the tiny aisle was AWESOME. See those small bottles of Torani in the upper left? Too cute! I got Lindt bars on sale and Leibniz. I was born in Germany and they are like my childhood treat – my mom still bought them for me when we moved to the US (Air Force family). Carb-filled Christmas treats. (back to that grind soon – but I’ll have to escape my grandparents – I’m sooo never going to be hungry here!)IMG_1694

Can I be bummed that my husband’s PSMH Men’s box is on its way to DC? Because I am. And I changed it and it didn’t take. And PSMH can’t reroute it for me. WTH.  I just went ahead and did a temporary forward for a few weeks. I don’t know if that will make the box forward or not. I have no idea. And speaking of that, people should ask if you will be there during the holidays before sending you something.

I am in a shopping mood and not finding much to buy. I did order all the holiday Kiwi Crates (last day for coupon is today!). It’s probably because I’m being lazy and not reviewing the boxes we have (although look out for a HILARIOUS review of our awesome November Fancy Food box later!). I am sitting down with my teenaged niece this afternoon for some teen thoughts on boxes. Anyways, I need to suck it up and find a deal on the camera I want.

Oh wait, I did find something for moi. No I seriously don’t joke about my beaver collection. IT’S REAL AND IT’S SERIOUS. I have only been comfortable talking about my beaver collection on the blog for the past month or so. Yes, it’s mildly embarrassing. I’m over it. I have a case full of beaver items.

Eager Achiever Bag from ModCloth

I’m thinking about getting two of them – one to use and one for the case. I have a problem. A beaver problem. BWAHAHAHA. No seriously I’m buying two of them. yes my beaver collection is behind glass doors. It’s valuable.

These were too funny not to share. My husband somehow got roped into a fashion show. The shirt is from Hot Spot Monthly!

glamming it up Yeah, she knows how to twirl it!



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  • Catherine

    I liked World Market a lot more when we didn’t have one in our town. Now that it’s here, I have no need to ever go in there and buy things.

    • Brandy

      LOL I know what you mean!

  • glennerallyspeaking

    Ooh, World Market sounds like a cool store! I wish we had one 🙂

    • Brandy

      We have one here in Panama City and we have one near where we live in DC – but only driving distance 🙁 So when I’m home I always visit. Yesterday when I went I got a free reusable Downton Abbey bag!

      • glennerallyspeaking

        For some reason I thought you lived in Boston. Weird. Who is on the Downton Abbey bag? I hope it is Maggie Smith.

        • Brandy

          It is!!!

          I lived in the Boston area for 11 years. That’s why you thought that. I want to go back. Or here. Both are home.

  • bclaire

    Ah! I would die if a box were going somewhere I’m not. I’m sorry. Hopefully the forward works! Also, I love World Market!!! Miss it since moving from VA. 🙁

  • ampidala

    That is SO cute (the fashion show!!) I love it! Its suppose to snow this weekend here, so no complaining about hot weather! 😉