Ready for a #NoTakeout New Year? New Plated Menu + Coupon

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I hear that the Plated coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS3 is still working! New + current customers save 21%.  You can also get 2 free plates with code b0c635 if you’re a new customer.

Plated is encouraging/challenging people to a NoTakeout New Year, which I think is a great idea! I rarely do takeout, but everything just falls apart during the holidays and when our schedules are out of whack. Good grief, I fed my children take-out pizza for lunch! I’m all for getting back to basics and cooking with whole real food, whether you use a meal subscription service or not! I went to the store today without a plan, and I ended up bringing home 6 loaves of bread (um seriously Brandy!). Ok, ok, there was a buy 1 get 2 free deal on sandwich bread, which we are using for a French toast dinner (thanks for the idea Alena!), 2 are for fondue, and another is for an appetizer. But I had no plan for dinner and ended up not buying anything at all (except bread), which is silly.  I definitely need to improve on my meal planning if I’m going to avoid takeout!

plated menu

This week’s Plated Menu

  • Sweet Potato and Kale Pizza
  • Swiss Chard Rolls Stuffed with Quinoa and Goat Cheese
  • Thai-Style Pork Salad with Papaya & Mint
  • Braised Pollock in Tomato-Fennel Broth with Potatoes and Dill
  • Tofu, Cashew, and Snow Pea Stir-Fry
  • Steak Fajitas with Guacamole
  • Homemade Chicken and Vegetable Ramen

And yes, if I could, I would order that entire menu! It looks really great! My top picks would be the ramen (though we have one of the best home-made ramen joints in the US a short walk away, and I would totally go for takeout for that), steak fajitas, and Thai-style pork salad!

FYI, you can now also (at least in certain zip codes, including mine!) choose Tuesday or Friday delivery for Plated as well as see & order the following week’s menu! I’m pretty excited about this because I also use Hello Fresh dinner kits (mine arrive on Wednesdays). So whether you want to use Plated for week-night ease or weekend dinner out replacements, it’s pretty nice.

Next Week’s Plated Menu

  • Seared Salmon with Winter Citrus Salad
  • Bulgur Salad with Green Beans, Cherry Tomatoes, and Feta
  • Provencal Steak with Purple Potatoes and Green Beans
  • Carrot Kari with Garbanzo Beans over Basmati Rice
  • Spanish Chickpea and Spinach Soup
  • Chicken with White Wine Pan Sauce
  • Miso Ginger Crusted Pollock with Chinese Broccoli

You can see all the meal subscription services & dinner kits in the directory! What are you doing to avoid takeout and improve your meal planning for the New Year?


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  • Diana Garza

    I’ve used the promo: HAPPYHOLIDAYS3 three weeks in a row…lol. I wish I could use it every week! Plated is my new FAV subscription!! 😉