Julep Maven Box January 2014 Review – Modern Beauty + New Look & Coupon!

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Julep Maven - Slightly Updated Look!
Julep Maven – Slightly Updated Look!

My husband came in with the mail and I spotted the Julep box in the pile. I literally said “Oooh Oooh,” grabbed it, and ran off! Addicted! Julep Maven has a new look for January! It now features “Maven” in a cute script!

January 2014 Julep Maven
January 2014 Julep Maven

This month I opted for the Modern Beauty box (you can see the entire January 2014 Julep Maven Boudoir Collection here). As I’d already picked up the Naughty & Nice Mystery Box I didn’t feel like I needed a boatload of new polish for January, though I selected an add-on polish to compensate. I was mostly excited this month for the beauty products – especially the Quick Dry drops – so I was happy to get the all-beauty box this month. With two small children it’s hard to find the time to have a properly dried manicure, plus my kids like having their nails done too!

Julep Maven January 2014
Julep Maven January 2014 + add-on

If you aren’t a member yet, you can use code FREEBOX to go ahead and grab your free starter box! It’s $3.99 for shipping and you can cancel – or skip your box – at any time. Plus you get free shipping at Julep! And don’t forget that the Julep Warehouse sale is still going on!

The Subscription: Julep
The Description: Nail polish box and a beauty box. Get either 3 polishes, 2 polishes and a beauty product, or 2 beauty products per month.
The Price: $20 per month

Julep Maven January 2014 Modern Beauty Review

January 2014 Julep Maven
January 2014 Julep Maven

Yay nail care! Julep also has the new “replenishment” boxes available if you don’t want the beauty box. This month the Modern Beauty Maven box happened to be all nails, but it isn’t always.

Julep Vanish Cuticle Remover
Julep Vanish Cuticle Remover

Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover ($18) This did soften and remove my cuticles, and I’m very pleased! I used the included bonus mini orange sticks to push them back.

Julep Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops
Julep Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops

Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops ($11.20) Whoa, this smells terrible.  My polish dried quickly, but I’ll have to try this with more polishes to really see how I like it. We go through a bit of this for teeny manicures!

Julep Essential Cuticle Oil
Julep Essential Cuticle Oil

Essential Cuticle Oil ($14.40) I didn’t need this at all, and it was my main reservation with getting this box. I can’t imagine paying $15 for it either, as it’s not my favorite cuticle oil. I prefer a brush-on apricot oil.  I was okay with getting this box as I’ll leave the cuticle oil in Vermont with my husband when we leave next week. The men’s boxes never send it and his are terrible! I like the roller ball with the kids though, and I have this exact item and use it with them.


Julep Noelle
Julep Noelle

Noelle –  Sandy beach silk ($11.20)I am not sure what I was thinking ordering this color. I think it’s terrible. I should have ordered Margot (the gold foil polish), Mona (the gray creme), or Farrah (the lilac silk). This is probably my least favorite color polish I’ve ever received besides oranges or weird greens. Obviously I did this to myself, so I can’t complain too much, but I hate this color. It’s very blah and right up there with witch vomit. That being said the silk finish is very neat and a cross between matte and gloss. I might like this color better in daylight but I can’t imagine reaching for it.

Julep Noelle Swatch - No Flash
Julep Noelle Swatch – No Flash

The color actually looks awesome with a flash!

Julep Noelle Swatch - Flash
Julep Noelle Swatch – Flash

The cuticle pusher ($14) was an add-on this month and I didn’t pick one up, but I will later. I was pretty happy with my box, besides my add-on.That was a waste! I had already accepted I’d get a duplicate cuticle oil, so I was fine with that.  I’m so glad I ordered Modern Beauty and not Boho Glam – I would have been pretty bummed to get this color as part of my box. I am hoping for lots of pinks and purples for February to make up for Noelle. You can also save 10% off the Vanish or the Cuticle pusher with code CUTICLE10!

You can check out the rest of my Julep Reviews or sign up to get your free intro box – just use code FREEBOX.


Box Review

Nail polish box and a beauty box. Get either 3 polishes, 2 polishes and a beauty product, or 2 beauty products per month. All polishes are 5-free with no harmful toxins, never tested on animals. Polishes are nail strengthening and all named after cool women! Totally customizable! You can swap out products, select add-ons, or upgrade your box (or skip!).

Ships From US to US/CA.
Shipping Free Shipping to the US, Canada
99 per month

Get a Free 12 Piece FULL SIZE polish set when you join Julep! Use coupon code POLISHGIFT and Use this link to subscribe.


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  • Diana Garza

    Noelle is perfect for NYE! So pretty!

    • Brandy

      I just can’t stand it. I am going to take it off right now.

    • Brandy

      I just did a glitter gradient with lois & jane from naughty & nice (lois & faye). i feel MUCH better. i am also going to try to pretend that i dont have ugly hands.

      glitter tips

      • Diana Garza

        That is REALLY pretty. Apparently, you’re one of the gifted ones that can paint their own nails. Whenever I paint my own nails they look awful!! Lol!

        • Brandy

          Hahah notice that I paint alllll over my cuticles!! But it looks really awesome in person. My camera totally freaked out over focusing on the glitter in the dark. I am pretty thrilled with the results. It was my first time!!

          • Diana Garza

            Good job!!

  • ciitylove@gmail.com'
    Jenn @ hello, rigby!

    you’re scaring me about noelle and the quick dry drops since i got my usual boho glam this month. the box came yesterday but i haven’t opened it yet since i just painted my nails for nye. but, to be fair, i liked “witch vomit” 😛

    jenn @ hello, rigby!

    • Brandy

      Hahaha I think the part about the formula being nice is probably the most important part! We all have our own color tastes and I think Noelle is bad with my skin tone. The quick dry has lavender in it too and it does dry without a smell! Happy New Year!

  • slumsofharvard@gmail.com'

    I got the modern beauty box myself because I felt like I really needed to put a priority on getting my hands/cuticles in better shape. They are usually painful and dry and in the winter more so.

    Not only is the oil is a easy to take with me package (if you ever see a girl applying cuticle oil on a redline train, that’s me) I was VERY pleasantly surprised how well the cuticle oil smelled — it’s a very aveda “shampure” type fragrance. The scent of that hand scrub I got last smells like bug spray 🙁

    • Brandy

      Good point about the portability!! It’s also one of the few manicure activities you can do in a public spot without being THAT person!

  • Sherry

    “My husband came in the mail”…….mail order husband?

    • Brandy

      HAHAHA woops! should have been “with”