Bouqs for the Holidays

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I love flowers! You know who loves flowers more? My grandma! So I was pretty darn psyched that The Bouqs offered to send me another bouquet! I upped the ante and ordered a Double Bouq so my grandma would be wowed.The Bouqs has a monthly concierge/subscription service that you can use to have fresh flowers always or at least never forget important dates. I think flowers add a warm welcoming touch to a home

Peace Bouq

This was a very important Bouq – for my grandmother. I selected the “Peace” Bouq for the holidays in pure white and purple. I liked that sentiment best and I think the Bouq was truly spectacular.

But will it last until Christmas?

Carefully Inspected

There was a label in Spanish on my box noting that the contents were inspected. That’s because The Bouqs‘ flowers are shipped straight from South America. My Bouq arrived in four days including the weekend and was in perfect condition upon arrival, even though it was summertime weather in Florida. Well summertime weather for most of you all. Flowers don’t take the typical 10-14 days from the farm because the Bouqs cut out the middleman. My grandma asked if they would last and I gleefully explained how it worked! The Bouqs also has next day options available to order now from California.

Merry Christmas from Brandy & Tom!

These were super easy to order. Even though they were for review I was sent a coupon for my order so I got on The Bouqs‘ website and sorted the flowers by holiday and selected my favorite.

Wrapped Up

The Bouqs wraps its flowers nearly and protects the stems.


We opened up everything and cut the stems and placed them in water. They really do start to open up and get happy after a half a day in water.

Two Bouqs!

Gorgeous!! This shot was right after (perhaps within an hour?) unwrapping. For $50 and delivery you really can’t beat it. I don’t know why you would get one for $40 when you can double it for another $10. Two is always better than one when it comes to flowers!

Peace by The Bouqs

You can see that I was also peacefully unpacking my December Popsugar box behind this photo! This is after a few days and you can see how the flowers have really opened and continued to bloom. My grandmother, who has truly enjoyed the fruits of my reviews, declared in no uncertain terms that The Bouqs is her very favorite. For the woman that has everything we both think it is the perfect gift!


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  • jb

    I purchase the peace bouq for my mom for mother’s day and she received them this morning. They are not near as pretty as yours and there were white smaller flowers where the purple ones were suppose to be. I did e-mail the company and i am waiting on a reply. Also i took pictures of them and the diamond bouq i ordered but not sure how to post the pics. these pics are not anything like the flowers you have. both bouqs are wilted pretty good and the white ones that wilted have a green tent.

  • Stephanie T

    I love Bouqs too. I am on monthly delivery and they recently started a subscription discount for the double bouquet so now I only pay $42.75 a month.. They are usually too many flowers for one person, so i often share the delivery with an unsuspecting neighbor or friend. I enjoy their surprise and pleasure almost more than my own flowers! I’ve been finding that they last about a week to 10 days. Wondering about the winter deliveries though! Frostbite?

    • Brandy

      Oooooh that is awesome! I don’t understand “too many flowers” LOL! I don’t know about frostbite! Don’t florists keep flowers nice & cold to keep them fresh? To be fair, these were delivered to FL and not to VT.

      • Stephanie T

        Forgot about the florists! It was probably about 30 and the box had ice from drips above, but the flowers were fine and still look great 3 days later! Maybe I’m worrying for no reason!

        • Brandy

          brrr that is pretty cold. you are right, but you know everything that is in the boxes stays pretty insulated. they would have to be out a long time. if i can get my house nicer (my kids are still pretty nuts and get into everything) i will definitely add the flowers to my mix more often 🙂

  • jvergin

    I love the Bouqs flowers. So gorgeous!

    And I love the new site!

    • Brandy

      Awwww thanks!! It’s not quite done yet but I couldn’t help myself!!! And btw I just put up a pic of one of my box piles on my fb!!!