November Appleseed Lane Review (guest starring Grandma!)

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Apple Seed Lane sent me this subscription box for my review.

Apple Seed Lane is a newer kids’ box and is craft and science focused… and is so much fun! This is my second box and we have totally enjoyed each of them! The theme this month was Crime Scene Science and the story led us through clues to hunt down a cookie thief! Even though the Apple Seed Lane boxes are designed for 4-10 year olds, grandma helped with this one! She had a great time too and was impressed with the science content of this subscription, as was I!

The Subscription: Apple Seed Lane
The Description: Fun and engaging educational monthly subscription boxes filled with science experiments and lesson-based crafts for ages 4-8 sent directly to your door. Sibling add-ons available.
The Price: $23 per month
The Coupon: Save $10 on your first box! Use code Use code FRIEND10 and put my name (Brandy O’Grady) in the comments section during checkout..

November 2013 Apple Seed Lane

Crime Scene Science! My daughter recognized the Apple Seed Lane box from the last one and could NOT wait to do the projects inside!

All the directions are on the back of the information card.

All the supplies are included!

Invisible Ink

The first project required us to use a UV pen to read the first clue. This pen is still getting played with and was a really fun item! Plus we got to cross off a lot of suspects.

Muddy Tracks

This was a really cool dough/plaster of Paris project. And the dough worked properly even though I WAY overcooked it! It was neat!

We got 2 handprints out of it (one for each kid) and they turned out great (no photo, but they are really finely detailed and we are super happy with them!).

Hidden Colors

This was a chromatography project, and fortunately the book explained everything. The booklet draws everything together, and this time you were meant to read the book along with the project. Grandma & I swapped off between finding the suspect with the clues and doing the projects with the kids.

We are so close to finding the suspect.

Sticky Fingers

This fingerprinting project worked extraordinarily well.

After consulting the book, we crossed off the last suspect and found the cookie thief!

Tada, complete!

Grandma is such a good sport!

I was absolutely delighted with November’s Apple Seed Lane box. The kids were extremely interested in each of the projects and they learned a lot while completing them! Plus, a box like this is easy for alternative caregivers to complete with the kids, even though it’s science based, because the booklet (it’s called “Seedlings”) has all the information you need to explain the science behind the projects. Love it, it’s definitely one of my favorites! BTW, Grandma is my grandma, and the kids’ great-grandma! Isn’t she great?!!!

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Appleseed Lane

Fun and engaging educational monthly subscription boxes filled with science experiments and lesson-based crafts for ages 4-8 sent directly to your door. Sibling add-ons available.



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  • Jamie Lane

    Spoof cute! My kids and I will be doing our crime scene investigation this weekend. I am happy to have won a month through your blog. (I am actually a scientist and I think this kit does a great job on accuracy. I will use ideas from here whenever I teach young students or do a similar type idea with my daughter’s kindergarten class.)

    • Brandy

      I have a science background too and totally agree. I think it’s awesome. I caught my daughter experimenting with chromatography today!!!