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Time for Thursday Thoughts with Jennifer!

  • Don’t forget your free daily entry in the Neiman Marcus PSMH Box Giveaway! It would be crazy not to do that! Actually I have a ton of giveaways up (and more coming soon), so check them all out!
  • We are having an online Bona Clara party and subscription box chat. Get all the information here! And we’re going to have door prizes for ordering guests. I know that’s not really a door prize, but I’m thinking whatever, that’s how I do it.
  • Today is Costco day! I haven’t been in a while! Woop! We are out of “square cheese.” This is a tragedy.
  • I’m basically really boring right now because I’ve been busy with school. I’m taking 2 classes – one is over Veterans’ Day weekend and my husband is flying down to be my babysitter. So it will be nice for the kids to see him, but I won’t really.  The other is a paper-only class. Which means I’m trying to finish as quickly as possible so I can just be finished with it.
  • I decided yesterday that I really want a table to use my laptop on at the recliner. Does anyone have anything like that? I’m thinking that would be AWESOME! I’m kind of obsessed with the Table Mate right now. It’s $30 and $13 shipping and you can get another free by paying another $13 OR you can use a coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond (the 20% ones) and get it for $24. I’m going to have my grandparents schlep one down when they drive home and pass through here in 2 weeks! The arms on my recliner might be too tall but… I totally want it. Is that weird? I know I’m weird you guys

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 1.04.43 AMThat’s it. I’m going to Costco! And I’ve totally written this the night before and praying that the weather is good enough for Costco. Otherwise we’ll hit up the big whoop-dee-doo grand opening party at Safeway!


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    • Brandy

      Yeah I would totally hate that! Worse than working on an airplane!! Besides tablemate 2 has a built in cup holder. bwahahahaha. i’m totally getting one. What’s the worst that can happen?